Take 4.0t V8 / ultra-high ground clearance, new Mercedes Benz G-class 4 × four ² Model road test spy exposure

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4.0t v8 ultra-high ultra high

In recent days, , The driving line of sight has obtained a group of new Mercedes Benz from overseas media -AMG G level 4×4² Road test photos of the model , The new car is planned for this year 9 At the Munich auto show, which opened in June, with EQG Models appear together .

In terms of appearance, it can be seen from the actual photos of the road test , New Mercedes Benz -AMG G level 4×4² Basically kept G The consistent style of class a models , At the same time, it has upgraded the latest family design language , The front face is equipped with a blackened multi banner air inlet grille and a signboard round headlamp group , Very discerning .

4×4² The most classic is its ultra-high ground clearance , At the same time, it has better approach angle and departure angle , With all terrain tires , So that it has super off-road ability . Besides , Black exaggerated wheel eyebrows cooperate with the blackened luggage rack on the roof 、 External spare wheel of coarse ore and small metal ladder , Make it look very strong .

motivation , New cars will carry 4.0T Twin turbocharging V8 The engine , Maximum power is 430kW, Peak torque reach 850 cattle · rice , The transmission system matches 9 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , It is also equipped with four-wheel drive system and differential lock .

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