Rendering of Korean electric vehicle SUV Kia EV7

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rendering korean electric vehicle suv

With the continuous changes of the automobile market , More car companies are betting their development on electric vehicles , And some second tier brands also choose this path if they want to recover . In recent years , Korean brands are recovering day by day , Launched many new models , But sales still haven't increased much , Therefore, the development of electric vehicles is also a way back , Recently Kia is testing EV7 models , New car positioning SUV models , Will be with modern IONIQ 7 Same as platform .

The new car will be based on e-GMP Made of pure electric products , Whole and modern IONIQ 7 The size and interior layout are similar , Can be located in brother models . however , The model is likely to launch 5 Seat and 7 A version , Focus on the medium and high-end consumer market , At the same time MPV The models are competing , The new car will be in 2023 Officially appeared in .

In terms of appearance design , The rendered image presents a highly technical appearance , The sleek shape and avant-garde headlamp group design are beyond the current mainstream design style , But as a product in the next two years , By then, it is likely that it will no longer be a cutting-edge design , Generally speaking, the new car will become Kia SUV The flagship model in the family . motivation , The new car may only launch a pure electric version , The range depends on the size of the battery pack , stay 400-600 Between kilometers .

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