Push three power models, SAIC Audi Q5 e-tron exposure

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push power models saic audi

Q5 e-tron Based on the public MEB Platform development , It's the first Audi brand MEB Platform products , SAIC Audi A7L The second product to be launched in China .

near Japan , The Ministry of industry and information technology announced the No 347 batch 《 Road motor vehicle manufacturers and product announcements 》, SAIC Audi declared Q5 e-tron models . Although this model is Q5 e-tron Named after the , But it's connected to Q5 Doesn't matter .

According to previous news , This model is based on Volkswagen MEB Platform development , It's the first Audi brand MEB Platform products , SAIC Audi A7L The second product to be launched in China .

Viewed from the outside , The new car is similar to what has been listed overseas Q4 e-tron Design language of vehicle model . Although China open adopts a closed design , But it still retains its outline shape , Make the whole car look more Audi .

The headlights have an irregular shape , The upper part is the daytime running light , The lower half is the main light source for lighting , It's kind of like Q8 Design style of , In terms of light source selection, the new car adopts all LED, As an Audi product , Believe in its lighting effect, we don't have to worry at all .

Side design ,Q5 e-tron Because the battery needs to be installed under the chassis , Therefore, the design style of high waist line and narrow window is adopted , This also makes the whole car look more sporty .

Body size , audi Q5 e-tron The length, width and height are respectively 4876/1860 /1675mm, The wheelbase is 2956mm, Its wheelbase is similar to that of Volkswagen ID.6 X Exactly the same .

The rear of the car adopts a round shape, which forms a contrast with the front of the car , And the design of the whole rear is similar to e-tron The models are similar , A little surprise is missing .

The tail lamp adopts a through design , In addition, the width indicator lamps are designed in three sections in the lamp bodies on both sides , Make the whole rear of the car more recognizable . In addition, the vehicle also adds... Under the bumper e-tron Letters to show your identity .

From the product announcement information of the Ministry of industry and information technology ,Q5 e-tron There will be three power versions . among ,35 e-tron It carries the maximum power 132kW Permanent magnet synchronous motor , And ID.6 X Same as the entry model .

It also provides 40 e-tron as well as 60 e-tron edition . The maximum power of the former motor is 150kW. The latter uses four-wheel drive , Maximum power of front motor 80kW, Maximum power of rear motor 150kW.

Because the dynamic parameters of this model are different from ID.6 X The corresponding configuration models are exactly the same , Because the endurance of the two models may also be very close , The range of the entry-level model is expected to be 430 km 、 The endurance of high-power models is 580 km , The range of the 4WD model is 500 km , At present, there is no news about the approximate price of this model .

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