Unite as one to fight the epidemic, and love donation warms the hearts of the people

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unite fight epidemic love donation

Red net time client 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Xiang WANYING Zhang Heyan ) One side has difficulties 、 P plus support . All police officers of Guzhang County Judicial Bureau of Xiangxi Prefecture dare to take on 、 Do something , Lend a helping hand , Active donations , Help the whole county fight the epidemic , It shows a strong sense of social responsibility .

8 month 11 The morning of , All police officers of the county Judicial Bureau and Hunan Chayuan law firm donated rice to longbizui village, merong town 160 bag , Cooking oil 150 Barrels and other living supplies , value 2 More than RMB . At the same time, contact social caring people to donate mineral water to merong town 4800 bottle , Medical protective mask 3000 individual .

The epidemic is merciless , There is love in the world . In the county Party Committee 、 Under the strong leadership of the county government , With the great help of loving enterprises and loving people from all walks of life , The people of the whole county are united as one 、 Overcome all difficulties 、 Unite as one to strengthen epidemic prevention and control “ iron bastions ”, Firmly win the fight against epidemic prevention and control . We firmly believe that , After the outbreak , The future is better !

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