Hetang District: the most beautiful educator in the war "epidemic"

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hetang district beautiful educator war

Red net time 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Chen Qin Wang Lixia ) An epidemic is an order , Prevention and control is responsibility . In Hetang district Party Committee 、 Under the strong leadership of the district government , The Party committee of Hetang District Education Bureau sounded the anti epidemic rally for the first time , The broad masses of Party members and cadres responded positively , Charge ahead , Take up the mission , With a little effort, gather the of epidemic prevention and control “ Great power ”, Become a war “ Epidemic disease ” On the road “ The most beautiful educator ”.

“ At present, we can't retreat !”

“ During the shift , I feel that residents' awareness of prevention is getting higher and higher .”“ Thanks to the serious you !” This is a dialogue between the cadres on duty in the organ courtyard of Hetang District Education Bureau and the residents in the courtyard .

Since the outbreak , Cadres of Hetang District Education Bureau are strictly on duty in the hospital . Take your temperature 、 Inspection “ Double code ”、 Registration information …… Make detailed inquiries about each entry and exit personnel 、 Check carefully , Register each incoming and outgoing vehicle one by one , Disinfect and kill each residential building , For health code is “ Yellow code ” Residents of “ one-on-one ” service …… When residents have difficulties and needs , Step forward bravely , Supplement the service support force at any time , This has become the of volunteers in the Bureau “ Epidemic prevention ” daily .

When it is learned that the information group of the district epidemic prevention and control leading group office is in urgent need of manpower , Tan Jie of the basic education unit volunteered . Collating data 、 Collect and submit information 、 Write work dynamic 、 Repeatedly verify the accuracy of each piece of information …… It's two or three o'clock in the morning after work every day . Due to poor rest and working on the computer for a long time , Cause eye fatigue and inflammation , But he chose to bite his teeth , Continue to adhere to . Tan Jie said :“ Compared with everyone on the front line of fighting against the epidemic 、 Top high temperature 、 Sweating and suffering under high pressure , I'm nothing .”

Zhang Lingyun, a junior high school mathematics teacher and researcher, not only participated in the guard duty of the organ , Also participated in Hetang District 601 Input and collection of nucleic acid detection information at nucleic acid sampling points in the community . Zhang Lingyun is responsible for the information entry work from night to night 7 It starts at more than ten o'clock , Loop the tube labels , Enter barcode , Every day until late at night . Most of the residents who came for nucleic acid testing carried ID cards , Information entry is convenient . But sometimes I meet children or residents who show their electronic ID cards , You can only enter information manually , This increases the workload and time of information entry , She said :“ Fortunately, most of you can understand , Wait patiently , Complete information entry , Sometimes a sound ‘ thank you ’‘ hard ’, It will warm people's hearts .”

“ I just did what a communist should do ”

Yi Qi, vice principal of Chenhe primary school, is in charge of school safety ,7 At the end of the month, my father-in-law was admitted to the hospital because of his aggravation ICU, The husband who rushed back from other places urgently asked for epidemic prevention and control , Informed by the community to stay at home with their children , Since the outbreak, she has hardly had time to take care of her family .“ To my family , I do owe .” But thinking of family understanding and support , She smiled again and said :“ I believe these difficulties are temporary , Let's put the ‘ everyone ’ Guard well , Only in the future can we better manage our ‘ Small family ’.

“ Director Ling , We need lighting .”“ Director Ling , I need some more tables .”“ Director Ling , The patch panel is not enough ……” Since the school became a nucleic acid test site , Ling Yongxing, general affairs director of Hongqi Road Primary School, is always busy , From site layout to logistics support , Do as you please , Want to be in front of 、 Do it first . He always says :“ I'll do more , Community workers and medical staff can do less ! Compared with them , What I did was too insignificant .”

“ Make a modest contribution to the fight against the epidemic , I feel very meaningful ”

“ Please queue up in an orderly manner , Nucleic acid detection was carried out in turn , Keep a meter away , Get your health code and ID card ready , It's hot , Please actively cooperate .”

stay 37 In hot weather of degrees , Li Jie and Tan Pei of Xingguang primary school also wear protective clothing , Organize residents to input information . In nearly six hours , The continuous busyness makes them forget their fatigue and the heat wrapped in protective clothing . Take off your wet protective clothing , Li Jie felt it :“ Although the weather is very hot , Big workload , But we are confident that we can complete the task with quality and quantity , And can make a modest contribution to our city in the fight against the epidemic , I feel very meaningful .”

In recent days , Hetang educates people to abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations while , They also actively participate in epidemic prevention and anti epidemic work in their own unique way , For example, Qiu Li, Secretary of the general Party branch of the 19th middle school, led the establishment of “ Hetang District educational psychological counseling volunteer group ”, Provide public welfare psychological assistance to the people of the whole region ; Hetang primary school teachers volunteer emergency recording 200 Send a small horn to the community , Play a role in epidemic prevention propaganda ……

In this battlefield without gunpowder , The broad masses of Party members, cadres and teaching staff of the district education system have bravely become pioneers 、 Stick to the front line , Hold the line , Fight with sincerity “ Epidemic disease ” The joint efforts of people , Explain the responsibility of educating people with action , Fight with no regrets “ Epidemic disease ” On the road “ The most beautiful educator ”.

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