Guzhang procurator: the leading group is on the front line

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guzhang procurator leading group line

Red net time client 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Li Jiajia  ) Since the outbreak , The leading group of Guzhang County People's Procuratorate fully implements the requirements of higher procuratorial organs, county Party committee and county government , Recognize the situation 、 Strengthening measures , Firmly shoulder the political responsibility of epidemic prevention and control , Make sure “ Key minority ” Play a key role in fighting the epidemic .

Rapid deployment , Steering and setting .

“ All procuratorial police should strictly implement the epidemic prevention measures of the higher authorities at the first time , unite , embattled 、 Fight as soon as you move 、 Be strict with discipline .” stay 7 month 31 At the Party group meeting on the th , Party secretary of the Academy 、 Attorney general Mei Guanghui made a request to the procuratorial police .

The Party group meeting analyzed and judged the situation of epidemic prevention and control , Clarify the responsibilities of each member of the leading group , Check the epidemic situation 、 Personnel mobility management 、 Environmental killing 、 The operation of procuratorial work 、 Material support 、 Publicity and education have been carefully deployed , Put forward requirements for epidemic prevention and control in wengcao village, a contact village for Rural Revitalization , So that the normalized epidemic prevention and control can be quickly transformed into an emergency state , The whole hospital has formed “ A game of chess ”“ A net ” Epidemic prevention and control model .

set an example by personally taking part , Drive demonstration .

7 month 31 Friday night , The leading group of the hospital led all the procuratorial police to wengcao village, merong town , The procuratorial police and the two committees of the village branch fought together all night , Organize villagers to conduct nucleic acid detection and sampling for all staff .8 month 1 After a little rest on the th , The leading group immediately arranged and deployed the epidemic prevention and control work in longbizui village, merong town , The team members take turns to lead the team to participate in the duty every day . meanwhile , Members of the leading group of the hospital have led teams to wengcao village for many times to learn more about the epidemic prevention and control , And assist in epidemic prevention and control .

Cohesion , Build confidence .

The leading group attaches great importance to the publicity of epidemic prevention and control , Through banners 、 Electronic display screen 、 Wechat group 、 The new media 、 Door to door publicity and other ways to popularize epidemic prevention knowledge for the masses and procuratorial police , Communicate epidemic prevention requirements , It has created a strong atmosphere of resolutely winning the war of prevention and control of epidemic situation , Formed a unity of mind 、 The majestic momentum and firm confidence .

“ Key minority ” Assume key responsibilities . The leading group of Guzhang County People's Procuratorate insists on taking the lead and setting an example 、 Be in the van of one's officers and men 、 Forward command , With practical action, a bright red flag has been set up in the front line of anti epidemic , With “ Head goose ” The posture interprets the dedication and mission of serving the people .

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