Zhuzhou power supply command center was responsible for the "epidemic" at the beginning of fire line quenching

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zhuzhou power supply command center

Red net time 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Luo Yi ) The more urgent and dangerous it is , The more you can harden your initial heart ; The more dangerous it is against the trend , The more you can show your responsibility .2021 year 7 End of month , Zhuzhou City has launched a new round of epidemic prevention and control , The assembly number blows , Soldiers in white rushed to the battlefield , The staff of the power supply command center of State Grid Zhuzhou power supply company put on “ State Grid green ” The robe goes against the trend .

“ war ‘ Epidemic disease ’ moment , Every Party member should take the lead , Every comrade should hold his ground , Implement epidemic prevention requirements .”7 month 30 The morning of 10 spot , Zhu Yulan, Secretary of the Party branch of the State Grid Zhuzhou supply and guidance center, organized the center to hold an emergency video conference and said .

How to implement epidemic prevention and control measures at all levels ? How to ensure reliable power supply ? How to meet the peak in summer and win 100% customer satisfaction ? Across Zhuzhou 7*24 Hourly power supply service guarantee organization —— In front of the power supply command center , This is a “ Three questions ”. Power supply refers to the power supply service front of the center “ goalkeeper ” make concerted efforts , Hold high the party flag .

There should be no fewer power users

“ Key users of epidemic prevention Zhuzhou people's hospital 19 Point blackout , How to deal with ?”“ Yan Yue line 356 In case of line failure , Transfer the distribution load of Zhuzhou people's hospital to the lunar wheel line 338 Power supply , If it cannot be transferred , Relevant equipment shall be inspected immediately ”……8 month 1 Japan , Chen Chenggong, the leader of the distribution network control team of Zhuzhou power supply command center, organized the team members to carry out emergency drills for key users of epidemic prevention .

Since the outbreak , He led the class members to sort out the health and medical institutions at all levels in Zhuzhou City 、 Nucleic acid detection points, etc 186 Key users of epidemic prevention , To develop “ Little by little ” Guaranteed power supply scheme , The operation mode of key users of epidemic prevention shall be analyzed 24 Hourly monitoring . meanwhile , He seized the opportunity of planned maintenance suspension arrangement , Carry out online training on distribution network knowledge in an orderly manner .

7 month 30 Japan , An order , All the dispatching teams began to be completely closed 24 Hour duty , Zeng Huanyue, who has not had time to bring his luggage, is duty bound to invest in epidemic prevention and electricity protection , As a second child mother, she , When I miss my children , Just a look at the phone , Because she knows : Current epidemic situation , Everybody first ! We must guard the power distribution network and use electricity safely “ door ”!

The service quality and efficiency cannot be reduced

“ sisters , Please carefully disinfect each time , Record every power failure message , Return every work order , Answer every customer's demand …… We must insist on , Play this game well ‘ Tough battle ’”“ received ! Yingge ”“ received !” High voices echoed in the hall of reference .“ Yingge ” It is Chen Siying, the leader of the customer service command team of the supply and guidance center , Act boldly , So the sisters took “ Yingge ” The name of .

8 month 4 Japan 19 spot 35 branch , Suddenly the world thundered , Black clouds press down on the city ,“ Not good. !” Chen Siying was shocked , It is predicted that there will be failure and power failure , She immediately picked up the mobile phone to connect with the customer service command team and became the shift supervisor Li Canli , Input from the power failure information respectively 、 Fault work order consolidation 、 Reply and other deployment work arrangements .

meanwhile , She linked with the dispatching team and took the initiative to call for testing, study and judge the fault point , The linkage operation team shall report important service matters for record .

Under her orderly arrangement and remote dispatching command , By 8 month 5 Day in the morning 6 spot ,30 The power supply of the remaining lines was restored ,100 Multiple fault work orders are closed in place , Realize zero complaint and zero risk , Customer satisfaction rate 100%.

She said :“ I'm not just 41 Of the sisters ‘ Yingge ’, I am also a party member , We should not only fight a good fight against epidemic prevention and control , The service quality and efficiency cannot be reduced !”

Service support can't stop

Continuous 3 Cong Lei, who didn't go home to see his children , Preparing for 7 month 30 I went home to hug his 2 A daughter in her teens , But the sudden epidemic , Let him return to the center of reference .

“ The current epidemic situation is grim , But service support can't stop ! Sister Dong Mei, please quickly collect information from Zhuzhou area 7 The middle risk area , Report to the State Grid North Center ; Please pay close attention to the Online State Grid APP The business expansion report on the installation order , Make an appointment , The speed of on-line power can't fall .......”

“ Please give full play to the role of the sub centers , do 95598 Work order receiving and dispatching coordinator , Reduce the work order processing pressure of our front-line team .”

1 rice 8 Of “ The man ”— Cong Lei, leader of operation analysis team , Be responsible for quality inspection and control of operation dispatching data 、 Complaint control and other four key businesses , But the epidemic situation is grim ,11 Class members were isolated at home , Human resources are in a hurry , Pressure builds up , But he arranged work in every detail , Everything is right !


In the face of this no smoke disaster , Zhuzhou supply and demand center forms a branch “ Call at once , Come and fight , You can win a battle ” The team , Light up with the people “ Epidemic disease ” The light of the road , Let's shine together for the party flag !

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