Wu Yuping went deep into checkpoint inspection to guide epidemic prevention and control

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wu yuping went deep checkpoint

Red net moment Wulingyuan 8 month 12 - ( The reporter Plum leaf Wang Qing correspondent Jiang LAN )8 month 12 Japan , Deputy Secretary of Wulingyuan District Party committee 、 Acting district head Wu Yuping led the team to SUOXIYU Street 、 Border checkpoints of luoguta Street 、 The village ( Residence ), Check and guide traffic control 、 The village ( Residence ) Control and control 、 Implementation of personal protection and other measures . Qu Hui, district leader 、 Xie moqiang attended .

Wu Yuping visited the staff on duty at the card point , Thank them for their hard work . She hopes that everyone will continue to carry forward and be not afraid of hardship 、 The spirit of hard work without fear of fatigue , Strictly implement all measures for epidemic prevention and control , We should earnestly check for the masses 、 Guard the door 、 Serve well . At the same time, I told everyone to do a good job in personal protection , Protect yourself .

Wu Yuping pointed out , All relevant units shall actively carry out “ To look back ”, Stick to problem orientation , Draw inferences from one instance and make rectification , Constantly make up for weaknesses, block loopholes, strengths and weaknesses , Firmly hold the bottom line of epidemic prevention and control ; We should implement the responsibility of territorial management , Coordinate and integrate resources and forces , Give full play to “ Five long system ” effect , Strengthen the village ( Residence ) Control and control 、 Personnel traffic control 、 Management services for key groups and special groups , We will work hard to prevent and control the epidemic situation in the community “ Pocket ”; We should scientifically arrange shift duty , Do a good job in logistics service support , Avoid fatigue ; We should strengthen our duty , Be strict 、 In detail 、 Control the level from reality , Firmly establish the external defense input “ Iron bucket ” Line of Defense , Fully protect the health and safety of the masses .

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