【 Tongxin anti epidemic I'm on the spot 】 Wulingyuan District: make concerted efforts online and offline to help prevent and control the epidemic

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tongxin anti epidemic spot wulingyuan

Red net moment Wulingyuan 8 month 12 - ( Intern reporter Zhang Ting ) In order to do a good job in psychological protection during epidemic prevention and control , In recent days , Wulingyuan District Psychological Society established a social psychological assistance group , take “ on-line + Offline ” The way , Provide psychological assistance to the masses free of charge , Help with epidemic prevention and control .

Publish posters online

Launch psychological assistance courses online

Wechat group carries out sharing activities

on-line , Wulingyuan District social psychological assistance team has opened a wechat consultation platform for epidemic prevention psychological counseling and a psychological assistance hotline , Poster for WeChat and tiktok , Provide channels for the masses to talk ; Positive and municipal Psychological Society 、 Green fruit Education 、 Downing team and other social psychological assistance forces cooperate , Launch a series of online psychological assistance courses ; Set up parent-child education group 、 Youth group 、 Interest groups , Carry out topic sharing activities , Provide spiritual food for home residents .

Offline , Wulingyuan District Social and psychological assistance group set up a volunteer team to sink the front line , Provide free psychological counseling services for front-line anti epidemic staff and residents , Help them alleviate their psychological problems , Relieve psychological pressure . At the same time, actively communicate with residents , Understand the needs of residents , Provide residents with services to buy daily necessities , Ensure the basic living needs of residents .

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