Guzhang County water supply company: spare no effort to combat the epidemic and comprehensively ensure water supply

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guzhang county water supply company

Red net time client 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Xiang Wei ) Since the outbreak , Guzhang County water supply company of Xiangxi Prefecture attaches great importance to , Taking winning the war of prevention and control of epidemic situation as the most important political task at present , We will earnestly carry out epidemic prevention and control , Strictly implement the responsibility for epidemic prevention and control , To ensure safety 、 High quality water supply .

The staff of the water supply company enter the isolation point to check the water pressure

Guarantee water supply for key departments . The county water supply company cooperated with the county housing construction department to conduct on-site investigation on the water supply pressure and sewage treatment in the centralized isolation area for epidemic prevention and control in the county urban area , The water supply network of county welfare homes with low water pressure was refitted and overlapped , The normal water supply in the centralized isolation area for epidemic prevention and control in the county and urban areas was ensured . meanwhile , Pay close attention to the water use of medical units and epidemic prevention member units , After receiving the explosion from the director of the inpatient department of the county people's Hospital , The water supply company immediately organized maintenance personnel to excavate and repair this place , The difficulty of water use caused by the explosion of pipe network in the county people's hospital was solved in time , The normal water use of the county people's hospital is guaranteed .

Water supply sampling

Kill in the office

Ensure water safety for residents . Strengthen water source 、 Management of water purification plant and other areas , No non staff entry . Establish a daily reporting system for epidemic prevention and control , Temperature measurement and examination shall be carried out for employees every day “ Double code ”, Pay close attention to the health trends of employees . Further strengthen the inspection and maintenance of disinfection facilities in water purification plants , Spray disinfectant on the production area every day , The water supply of the whole county shall be sampled by subregion , Improve water quality detection frequency , Monitor water quality changes , Report problems in time .

Guarantee water service level . Vigorously publicize the online payment function , Use wechat group and other methods to warmly prompt users to use wechat 、 Online payment service such as Alipay , Reduce the flow of people . To strengthen 24 On duty every hour , Timely grasp the county water supply dynamics and epidemic prevention and control , In case of emergency , Quick response , Dispose of properly .

Guzhang County water supply company adheres to both epidemic prevention and control and water supply guarantee 、 Both hands are hard , Strictly control the water quality at all levels , Do a good job in water supply production and service , Contribute to resolutely winning the war of resistance against epidemic prevention and control .

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