Chenxi yellow peach has a long history, goes deep inside and emits a long fragrance

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chenxi yellow peach long history

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Green water twines the green mountains , Green mountains are surrounded by green water . Bustling , Brickwork 、 The ancient villages covered with black tiles are looming . Looking for the sound, we came to Dayou mountain “ Be a hermit ”“ Qu Zi climbs the mountain ”“ Liu Shangping quite ”“ Zhuge Liang stationed troops ” And other historical legends …… This is Chenxi , Ancient name Chenyang , A city with a long history 、 A small town with profound cultural heritage .

Taotao Yuanjiang 、 Long Chen water passes through the territory , Meet at the foot of Dayou mountain . Three hundred miles of beautiful landscapes rush into the painting , It has formed a vast and fertile river basin and Heping Lake climate environment , In addition, it is rich in phosphorus 、 potassium 、 selenium 、 Soil characteristics of Danxia zone of zinc and other minerals , Whether on the shore of the water , Or the bosom of the mountain , Nourishment breeds many “ Chennong treasures ”, In this one , There is a popular “ Chenxi yellow peach ”.

“ Chenxi from the last century 80 Yellow peach planted in the s , The main variety is Jinxiu yellow peach , Until the last century 90 The s began to quantify large-scale planting .” Yao Benyu, senior agronomist of the county agricultural and rural Bureau, said . Up to now , From the splendid yellow peach to the present golden honey No. 3 、 Golden four 、 Golden pan peach , The planting area of the whole county has reached 1.2 Million mu .

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