Chenxi yellow peach "mountain goods" has changed into "harvest", and it has successfully come out of the mountain!

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chenxi yellow peach mountain goods

Red net reporter He Feng Chenxi financial media reporter Wang runjing Song Jihong Huaihua report

Chenxi in midsummer , Eyes full of green , The peach trees all over the mountains are particularly vivid in the sun , The yellow peach on the tree , All yellow and red , A harvest scene is very gratifying .

In recent years , Chenxi County Party committee 、 The county government adapts measures to local conditions , Build yellow peach into a characteristic agricultural product of the whole county , Guide farmers 、 Cooperatives and others actively cultivate , Now the planting area of yellow peach in the county is 1.2 Million mu , Total annual output 2.2 Ten thousand tons of , The production area is mainly distributed in Chenyang town 、 Fire and horse rush 、 Tanwan town and other towns , The variety is based on the original Jinxiu yellow peach , Added golden honey 3 、 Golden honey four 、 New varieties such as golden flat peach . Scale drives , Large households drive , The yellow peach, which is no longer fussy, meets the big order , Also let many poor households out of poverty , Now , Chenxi's annual sales of yellow peach industry alone break through 8000 Ten thousand yuan .

In recent years , Maluping village, Tanwan town strives to build “ One village, one product ” New economic model of characteristic yellow peach , Vigorously guide farmers to independently develop yellow peach planting, with remarkable results . Every August , In the yellow peach planting base in Maluping village, Tanwan town , The villagers gathered in groups , Picking peach 、 Carry 、 sorting 、 packing …… A bustling scene .

Liu Jihua, director of Maluping village, said , There used to be 40 Many poor households , After developing the Yellow Peach Industry ,10 Many poor households have successfully removed their hats . at present , The planting area of yellow peach in Maluping village is up to 200 More than mu , The annual output of yellow peach in the village 20 More than ten thousand jin , The total output value reached 160 More than ten thousand yuan . The villagers' pockets are really bulging , The yellow peach became the of the village “ Rich fruit ”.

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