Xinhuang: actively carry out shadow operation to help alleviate the drought

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xinhuang actively carry shadow operation

“3、2、1, Get ready ! launch !”

In recent days, , The Meteorological Bureau of Xinhuang Dong Autonomous County seized the favorable weather process , Actively carry out artificial rainfall enhancement on the ground , It has effectively alleviated the drought in some villages and towns of Xinhuang , While it is very beneficial to agricultural production , It also reduces the forest fire risk level .

In order to ensure the smooth and safe operation of shadow operation , Xinhuang County Meteorological Bureau actively cooperates with Xinhuang financial media center , The notice of weather modification operation in Xinhuang county shall be issued in advance , Ensure that the general public is aware of . according to 8 month 9 Japan -11 The favorable weather process of the day , The Meteorological Bureau of Xinhuang county has implemented a total of 3 Secondary ground artificial precipitation enhancement operation . By 8 month 12 Japan 08 when , Precipitation generally occurs in the affected area of artificial precipitation enhancement operation , Some areas have reached the magnitude of moderate to heavy rain .

later stage , The Meteorological Bureau of Xinhuang county will continue to strengthen its duty , Make weather consultation and forecast , Monitor the weather closely , Grasp the precipitation process , Carry out artificial precipitation enhancement in real time , Continue to do a good job in meteorological services .

( Yang Yunjie )

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