The domestic model y standard endurance version needs to be delivered in 6-10 weeks

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domestic model standard endurance version

[ Car home   New energy ]  recently , We learned from Tesla's official website ,Model Y The delivery time of standard endurance rear drive has been from “ expect 8 Month delivery ” Change to “ Expected delivery date :6-10 Zhou ”, This means that if the car is booked now , It takes at least a month and a half to receive the car .

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  As a low configuration model ,Model Y The standard endurance version NEDC The range has reached 525km, Compared with the same version of Model 3 Model is higher 57km(Model 3 The standard endurance version is 468km), At the same time, the car has a larger body size 、 Ride space and storage space , The price is higher 4.01 Ten thousand yuan (Model 3 The price of the standard endurance version is 23.59 Ten thousand yuan ). at present , The delivery of the car has not yet begun , We learned from Tesla Sales Office , The car is expected to be delivered by the end of this month .

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According to the data previously released by the passenger Federation , tesla 7 The sales volume in China in May was 0.86 Thousands of cars , Compared with last month's month on month decline 69%. Insiders pointed out that , Such a high decline is mainly because Tesla China's output at the beginning of the quarter is mainly supplied to foreign markets . With the high cost performance Model Y The standard endurance version begins to be delivered , Presumably in the next few months , Tesla's sales may return to normal , Even continue to sing loudly .( writing / Car home Hu Yongbin ) 

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