It is expected to launch Kia EV7 in 2023

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expected launch kia ev7 ev

[ Car home   New energy ]  recently , We got Kia from overseas media EV7 Imaginary map of , The new car will be based on Hyundai's e-GMP Pure electric platform , Or with modern IONIQ 7 Sister cars . It is worth mentioning that , kia EV7 Also provide 7 Seat models are available , Is expected to 2023 Launched at the end of 、2024 Go public at the beginning of the year .

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『 Kia drawn by foreign media EV7 Imagine a picture 』

Kia had previously released a preview of the car , The foreign media is a hypothetical map drawn based on this . It can be seen that , kia EV7 Compared with Kia EV6 More burly 、 The atmosphere , Its overall body size may be similar to kia Sorento . From the details , This new car will follow Kia's latest electric car family design language , The overall design style is more futuristic .

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『 kia EV7 Forecast chart 』

In terms of motivation , Refer to modern IONIQ 7 The information that has been exposed so far , It is expected to be equipped with dual motor all drive system , And will be carried by SK Innovation Battery pack provided ,EPA The endurance mileage under working conditions may be 350 miles ( About us 563 km ), At the same time, the car is expected to have the highest 350 KW fast charging capacity . About kia EV7 More follow-up messages , We will continue to pay attention .( Source; writing / Car home Hou Minghao )

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