Observation | exclusive interview with J.D. Power Wang Qinghua: car enterprises should invest limited resources in the areas most needed by users

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observation exclusive interview j.d. power




Just released by China Automobile Association 7 In January, the production and sales of new energy vehicles continued to set a new record ,

thus it can be seen ,

Only marketable products conform to the development law of the times .

8 month 5 Japan , Global consumer insight and Market Research Institute J.D. Power( Jundy ) Release 2021 Research on Chinese automobile intelligent experience SM(TXI), And give 2021 China Automotive Intelligent experience research brand innovation award , Mercedes 、WEY And Xiaopeng won the first prize for brand innovation in market segments .




Studies have shown that , At the beginning of the race , Independent new power brands are ahead of other brands in terms of intelligent user experience and penetration of advanced technology configuration , And rely on this to actively realize the brand upward .


It is generally accepted in the industry , For automakers , The more smoke filled the battlefield , The more you need to return to user needs and the user experience itself , At the same time, we focus on improving the perceived quality and use experience of advanced technology configuration , In order to win a place in the new intelligent arena .


Well, under the new situation , Industry development trend of new energy vehicles , What are the changes in the demand for cars of the new generation of young consumers , Independent new forces 、 Can independent high-end brands lead the development of intelligent vehicles ?J.D. Power How to serve car enterprises with the times ?


On the above and many other issues ,《 China Auto Pictorial 》 An exclusive interview with the person in charge J.D. Power Design of China Industry joint research project 、 Executive J.D. Power Wang Qinghua, general manager of China's joint research .

      Car enterprises should be intelligent

And user experience


《 China Auto Pictorial 》:7 month 30 The Politburo meeting on the th gave a clear signal :“ Support the accelerated development of new energy vehicles ”, Although only 11 A word , But the fewer words , The bigger the matter is . How do you interpret , What changes do you think the automotive industry needs to make to keep pace with the times ?J.D. Power What can be done in the transformation of auto enterprises ?




Wang Qinghua : Under the new policy , The state has a strong interest in science and technology 、 The direction of active guidance in the industrial field is clear , New energy vehicles are a very comprehensive carrier , It can lead industrial innovation , Progress in science and Technology 、 The development of intelligence also plays a great role in promoting , All OEMs in the automotive industry , Including joint ventures with slower transformation , They are also actively making efforts , This is the industry consensus .


J.D. Power As a third party , Provide research data report 、 Consulting solutions , I hope I can continue to contribute , Give some support to the main engine factory , Help them raise their ultimate goal, namely sales . To achieve this goal, we should make efforts in different aspects , We think , There are seven main factors affecting sales , product quality 、 Design 、 Price 、 brand 、 In store service experience 、 Dealer network channel 、 Macro environment , The current macro environment is certainly very positive , The rest needs the efforts of the main engine factory to improve .


J.D. Power All we do is in every way , Deliver the voice of customers , Help car companies understand consumers' evaluation of themselves and other brands and models , Based on these benchmarking and judgment , Help the main engine factory set the improvement direction , For example, intelligence is now a strategic development direction , Which enterprises and models do well ? Which benchmarking models do better in what aspects ? The above can be quantified , For reference to other enterprises .


Before the definition of new products in the main engine plant , We will provide some industry suggestions , For example, in what areas , To what extent , New cars have a greater chance of success in the market ? There are also cases where , We may not be involved in the previous definition , But before going public , Our engineers will also do some tests , According to experience, point out the problems that may be encountered after listing , Which of these can be improved in the factory production line ? If this cannot be done , Adjust the guidance on the script of the sales terminal , Give very specific suggestions .


《 China Auto Pictorial 》: Can you talk about the industry development trend of new energy vehicles , What are the highlights of new energy vehicles ? On the whole, what are the shortcomings ?


Wang Qinghua : We used to pay more attention to battery life 、 Battery safety is the direction of hardware , But in the last year or two , Including the emergence of new battery forms of domestic enterprises , Mileage anxiety has been greatly relieved . New energy vehicles must be intelligent carriers , How to be intelligent 、 Make new ideas in user experience , It is something that all car companies should consider . At present, domestic car companies with internet gene have done better , They can copy the experience of serving customers in other aspects to the automotive industry , For now , The effect of replication is still good . There are some accidents and problems in some enterprises , But it's all accidental , From a historical point of view , It is not very different from the development of traditional cars , It will take longer to test .


When the sales volume of new energy vehicles is small, the products and services are relatively easy to control , When sales go up , After facing more users and no longer early fans , Previous Services 、 Whether a good technology experience can continue remains to be seen . For new energy vehicle enterprises , Limited resources should be put into the areas most needed by users .

  Independent new forces may be more able to

Lead the development of intelligent vehicles

《 China Auto Pictorial 》: At the beginning of the intelligent race of new energy vehicles , Independent new forces maintain a first mover advantage , Independent high-end brands rely on Intelligent brands, and the upward effect is obvious , Traditional independent brands and joint venture brands are indistinguishable . You think , Facing foreign countries 、 Joint venture brands have turned to catch up with elephants , Independent new forces 、 Can independent high-end brands lead the development of intelligent vehicles in the future ? Why? ?


Wang Qinghua : The new forces are doing well now , However, it remains to be seen whether the growth momentum can be maintained . Now many new brands derived from traditional auto enterprises, especially joint venture auto enterprises , Its organizational structure has been referred to 、 Learn the new forces of Internet car making , But these are still trying , It also takes time to test whether it can be made .




Electric cars are different from traditional cars from the beginning of design , When traditional car companies design new models , Inertia is still there , Although the architecture is new , But after all, people come from traditional car companies , They have a habit of doing 、 Ideas , It depends on whether it can be adjusted under the new architecture .


In terms of intelligence , The advantages of independent brands are more obvious , Independent brands have strong creativity , Can also quickly understand the market 、 quick acting . The joint venture brand for various reasons , The change will be relatively slow . Another level , The Chinese market has great particularity , That is, consumers are younger , If the decision-making power and main design capacity are not localized , The depth of understanding and implementation of the market will be affected .


Now many international brands' R & D cooperation with China is more from the perspective of Engineering , But the new track must be from the user's point of view . Just as technology products have cycles , Car companies have different challenges in each cycle , Until a relatively large scale is achieved , Will be relatively stable , The important thing is to stabilize in a platform period , Then break up .


《 China Auto Pictorial 》:J.D. Power Find out , Independent new power brands already have certain brand premium ability , How did this premium ability come about , How to keep . by comparison , What should traditional independent brands do to improve their brand premium ability ? How to learn from new forces ?




Wang Qinghua : It has something to do with the product definition , In the past two years, car users have paid more attention to the brand when buying cars , In especial 95 after , They have a higher acceptance of their own brands than their parents . In these contexts , Those in independent brands know more about the needs of young people 、 New power brands equipped with relatively high-end technology configuration have a certain premium ability .


The premium of traditional independent brands is also rising , That's for sure ,J.D. Power Research on traditional fuel vehicles shows that , The average unit price of independent brands is rising all the way , The gap with the mainstream brands of joint ventures is getting smaller and smaller .


For traditional independent brands , We need to further follow the development trend of the market , Users are already a very young generation , To science and technology 、 Design 、 Personality is more important , Consumer demand is escalating , Then the supply side should also be constantly upgraded . The explosion point of each popular product is different , Different enterprises should find their own unique ways .


J.D.Power Want to do

  More prospective research  

《 China Auto Pictorial 》: last year J.D. Power Innovated their own collection methods , Non contact digital method is used for acquisition . Now you get the real feedback from the car owners in what form ? Live interview or online questionnaire ? What are the advantages ?


Wang Qinghua : The epidemic triggered an innovation in sampling methods , Our traditional sampling method is street interception . When the epidemic was serious at the beginning of last year , The traditional sampling method has been severely challenged , We tried a lot of ways , Finally, the researcher pastes the QR code of the questionnaire directly on the vehicle , Invite car owners to answer the questionnaire . After the epidemic eased , We think this approach can be normalized , So drain at different flow inlets , Expand the contact range of car owners , The subsequent processes are also digital , Reduce human factors as much as possible , It also greatly improves the number of samples and sampling quality . At present, in addition to new energy vehicles, the relevant research still adopts the traditional way , Other studies have basically turned to online .


Besides , We have also adopted more accurate quality control methods , For example, based on APP Monitor the coder's track with the positioning data , adopt VIN Analyze and accurately determine the target model , Identify qualified respondents through a complete chain of evidence , adopt AI Identify and review the photos of the third party to determine whether it is the real owner , And through wechat ID And driving license for further quality control …… Ensure the accuracy of data and final research results by various digital means .




《 China Auto Pictorial 》: On-line OTA The upgrade makes the vehicle a growth vehicle , before J.D. Power He also said that he would do such research in the future , In the future OTA What is the main focus of the upgraded research ?


Wang Qinghua :J.D. Power Research on China's automobile intelligent experience released (TXI) Already included in OTA Related content , But mainly about OTA Installation rate and use feedback , It is still at a relatively shallow level .OTA More important to upgrade is the upgrade frequency and upgrade range , And what upgrade rights can be handed over to users, etc . The research on automobile intellectualization must be a forward-looking research facing the future , We are still making further plans internally , Consider getting this information through vehicle collection or other channels .


《 China Auto Pictorial 》:J.D. Power A lot of research has been done , for example 《2020 Research on the experience of new energy vehicles in China (NEVXI)》、 And 58 vehicle 、 CO produced by Youxin 《 Research Report on China's automobile maintenance rate 》, wait , But at present, the most impressive is still the after-sales satisfaction survey , In the future J.D. Power In the Research Report of keeping pace with the times , How to keep your own characteristics ?


Wang Qinghua : The after-sales service satisfaction research you mentioned (CSI) And new car quality research (IQS)、 Research on sales service satisfaction (SSI), These are all J.D. Power In China 20 Years of research , It has a high popularity in both the automobile industry and ordinary consumers , It also leads the development of the automobile industry to a certain extent .


With the changes and progress of the automotive industry ,J.D. Power Our research is also constantly pushing through the old and bringing forth the new , For example, the recently released new energy vehicle quality research (NEV-IQS)、 Research on charm index of new energy vehicle products (NEV-APEAL) And automotive intelligent experience research (TXI) It's all research that has just been launched for one to three years , But these are precisely the areas that both industry and consumers are most concerned about . But we still need some time to consolidate the position of these studies in the automotive industry , At the same time, further expand the influence of these new studies on ordinary consumers .


In addition to the three studies mentioned above , Our other work is to conduct some prospective research , Except for the ones mentioned earlier OTA Research , And autopilot 、 Smart parking, etc . In addition, it also includes digital retail 、 Channel model innovation and so on , This is all J.D. Power Next, we will focus on the areas of cooperation with the main engine factory .



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