Chaling moves on hearing the order, carries out accurate prevention and control, resolutely wins the hard battle of epidemic prevention and control

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chaling moves hearing order carries

Red net time 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Liu peng ) An epidemic is an order , Prevention and control is responsibility . since 7 month 29 Since the onset of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Zhuzhou has been asymptomatic in Japan , Chaling county Party committee 、 The county government attaches great importance to 、 Emergency deployment , Various departments 、 Villages and towns ( The street ) Prompt action 、 Positive coping , A group defense and group control 、 The war of prevention and control of epidemic situation with the participation of the whole people has been launched in an all-round way .

The epidemic struck again , The whole county quickly entered a state of emergency . Quickly improve the organization and leadership , We will establish and improve a system for leading cadres at all levels to work on epidemic prevention and control , Responsibility goes to people , Formed a unified leadership 、 Efficient work pattern of division of labor and cooperation . Deng Yuanlian, Secretary of Chaling county Party committee , Deputy Secretary of the county Party Committee 、 How often does Yang Hongbing, the candidate nominated by the county magistrate 、 Multi directional and accurate scheduling of epidemic prevention and control , Go deep into the station 、 The hospital 、 The supermarket 、 The night market 、 Focus on isolating observation points 、 Enterprises and other places to supervise , Responsibilities of compaction parties , Scientific prevention and control 、 Overcome all difficulties , Resolutely cut off the chain of epidemic spread , Fully protect the people's lives .

Strengthen the ideological defense line , Strengthen closed-loop management . Facing the severe and complex situation of epidemic prevention and control , Chaling County has successively issued a number of prevention and control instructions , For people going out 、 Implement the responsibility of prevention and control , Have made clear provisions . The first time to fully touch and arrange , The personnel of the flow control team work day and night ,24 Waiting for an hour , Do a good job in epidemiological history investigation , Pay close attention to the control of personnel in epidemic related areas . Up to now , Dispatch the flow control team 103 Time ,515 Person time , Collect close contacts 、 Nucleic acid samples of secondary contacts and other personnel 340 The rest . Set up the Party School of the county Party Committee 、 Pingshui Health Center 、 Isolation points such as Berman selection Hotel , Fully implement the full closed-loop management of epidemic related personnel . Comprehensively strengthen the inspection and control of public transport stations and highway entrances and exits , Tie tightly and firmly into the tea “ Pocket ”. Increase vaccination efforts , Do everything you need to do , Build an immune barrier . Strengthen screening 、 Public opinion control , Go all out to find the source . Good village ( Community ) The prevention and control , Strengthen source control , Resolutely stop the epidemic , For healthy people “ Protective net ”.

Liu Renfeng, director of Chaling County CDC and head of epidemic prevention and control flow investigation team, said :“ After receiving the epidemic report , We'll start right away , Go to the scene to investigate , And immediately sample , Send for inspection immediately , Produce the test report within four hours .”

Chen ruichu, a traffic policeman at Chaling West duty station, said :“ from 8 month 1 The day begins ,24 Hour wheel making shift , Check every car 、 Everyone must check .”

Check the vehicles entering Chaling at the entrance and exit of the expressway .

Zhu Zhengqin, a nurse on duty in Chaling West, said :“ This is what we should do , Though it's hard , But for the epidemic , I think it makes sense .”

Key points of reinforcement and prevention and control , Plug loopholes in prevention and control . Always tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control , Focus on key areas 、 Focus areas . Strictly control personnel gathering activities , All entertainment and leisure places are closed . We will fully implement the standardized epidemic prevention and control measures in public places , Regulate farmers' markets 、 The supermarket 、 Epidemic prevention and control in restaurants, etc , Scan the code for the entrants 、 Take your temperature , Strictly implement disinfection 、 ventilation 、 Cleaning and other prevention and control measures , For those who fail to implement the provisions on epidemic prevention , Take persuasion according to the circumstances 、 Shut down 、 Measures such as suspension of business for rectification , For everyone to create a safe 、 An orderly market environment . Up to now , Whole county 318 Every store was asked to suspend business because of inadequate prevention and control measures ,9 Every shop was forced to shut down .

Chen Shulin, chief engineer of Chaling County market supervision and Administration Bureau, introduced , The latter part will not go according to the epidemic situation 、 war “ Epidemic disease ” More than the general requirements , We will continue to pay more attention to key places 、 Strict control of key personnel , Ensure the health and life safety of the people in the county .

“ We strictly implement the policy of epidemic prevention and control , The customer must check the three yards when entering the store 、 Take your temperature , Then we every morning 、 Disinfection will be carried out in the store at night , You must wear a mask when entering the store , Those who don't wear masks are not allowed to enter the store .” A merchant said .

Joint prevention and control, mass prevention and mass cure , Strengthen grass-roots epidemic prevention . The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work is to do our best , Chaling county implements the community joint prevention and control responsibility system , Cadres and workers of dispatched organs and units sink into the front line of epidemic prevention in the community , Strive to build a joint defense and control system 、 A tight line of defense for mass prevention and control . At present, the whole county 70 Several organs and units have arranged special personnel to be on duty in Baolian community , All communities have one or more organs and institutions . Continue to increase publicity , Through the television media 、 Tiktok 、 official account 、 Every village sounds 、 Banners and other forms , Guide the masses to wear masks 、 Don't go out 、 No dinner 、 No gathering, etc , Create a good atmosphere for epidemic prevention and control .

Detect the body temperature of personnel entering and leaving the community .

“ After receiving the epidemic situation task, our unit , All cadres shall be arranged according to the three shift system , In the morning 8 O 'clock till evening 12 spot , Assist community security in epidemic prevention and control , The focus is to monitor the access information of personnel in the field and non residential areas , And verify the health code .” Xie Sheng, director of the petition center of the county petition Bureau, introduced .

“ Don't go out at home , Only occasionally come out to buy vegetables , Do your own protection , Don't make trouble for the community .” Citizens of Jinxiu Washington community said .

The epidemic broke out again , In an extraordinary period , The whole county responded positively to the call , Division of labor and responsibility , Layers of control , Work together to stick to the front line , Take positive and effective measures , Strictly implement territorial 、 department 、 Company 、 Personal responsibility for prevention and control , Jointly build a tight defense line for epidemic prevention and control , We will resolutely win the hard battle of epidemic prevention and control .

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