Huaihua maternal and child health care hospital: guided by Party construction, build a red line of defense for epidemic prevention and control

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huaihua maternal child health care

Facing the severe epidemic situation , Huaihua maternal and child health care hospital strictly implements the work deployment of the municipal epidemic prevention and control headquarters , Sound the sound of epidemic prevention and control “ Assembly number ”, Require cadres and workers to further improve their political position , To a higher standard 、 More effective measures to provide a strong guarantee for hospital epidemic prevention and control .

At the call of the Party committee of the Academy , The hospital leadership takes the lead , Sink quickly , Administrative logistics party members and cadres actively participate in , Go to work early every day 1 Hours on duty , Volunteer in the morning rush hour of the pre inspection and triage Office , Give full play to the exemplary and leading role , Inspection “ Two yards ”、 Order Guides 、 Question and answer , Reduce the work pressure of front-line screening personnel , At the same time, we should do a good job in guiding the anxiety of the masses , Maintain good hospital order .

Protecting people's health is our greatest responsibility , The majority of Party members and cadres in the hospital demonstrate their responsibility with action , Put the facts for the people into practice , For the health of the masses “ The great wall of steel ”.

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