The vaccination site of Hongjiang District vaccine shelter built overnight was officially put into operation

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“ Vaccination is in order , Don't disturb the war ……”“ The procedure is very clear , We have successfully completed the vaccination ……” In Hongjiang District Sports Center ,12-14 The vaccination of year-old students is going on orderly .

Hongjiang Hospital of Huaihua Second People's hospital has undertaken the vaccination of Xinguan vaccine in Hongjiang District , Co vaccination 34600 Residual agent times . To do well 12-14 Vaccination work for year-old students , Hongjiang District government decided , Move the vaccination site to Hongjiang District Sports Center , Establish a new centralized vaccination site in the vaccine shelter , Hongjiang hospital is responsible for the construction and vaccination .

8 month 10 Japan 13:00 After the notice , The hospital immediately organized personnel from functional departments to the site for planning , Zhang Xi, executive director of Hongjiang hospital 、 General branch secretary Yin Furong led the hospital staff to arrange the site overnight , All departments cooperate closely 、 Constantly adjust your thinking 、 programme , From power layout to network access , From area division to material handling , From route process to personnel arrangement , From medical treatment to hospital feeling control , Every move , Every detail shows the hospital's contribution to Hongjiang people 、 Be highly responsible for children's health .

after 10 Many hours of unity and cooperation 、 Worked hard all night , The centralized vaccination points of Hongjiang vaccine shelter have been arranged according to the requirements and specifications ,8 month 11 The morning of 8:00 The vaccination started on time .

from 2020 Since then , In a year and eight months , With a high sense of political responsibility, Hongjiang hospital has played its due role in the epidemic prevention and control of Hongjiang District , As an escort for the health of the people in Hongjiang District 77 The old hospital in , Will continue to be used in various medical services , Give the people a satisfactory answer sheet .

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