Tianyuan District: under the closure, the "hard core" anti epidemic is inseparable from the "warm" care

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tianyuan district closure hard core

Red net time 8 month 12 - ( correspondent Dong Yanni ) In the face of a resurgent epidemic , The community health service center of Songshan street, Tianyuan District actively responded to the call of the government ,8 month 6 Japan -12 Japan , Nurse Xie Liju of Songshan Street Community Health Service Center led the medical staff , Shuttling through the jurisdiction under the scorching sun 3 A nursing home , Three nucleic acid tests were carried out for the elderly .

In the nursing home , Medical personnel wear protective clothing , Prepare all kinds of items in an orderly manner , Skillfully sample the old people one by one :“ Uncle , Please put your head back , A little uncomfortable , It will soon be all right .” While sincerely comforting the old man , While carefully and neatly sampling .

At the end of each, an old man sampled , They all strictly implement the rules of the hospital , Handle the specimen in time , Hand disinfection , Then sample the next bit . After nearly 3 Hours of work , Successfully completed about... In three nursing centers 200 Nucleic acid collection of the elderly and staff , Their patience and professionalism have been affirmed by the elderly and staff .

Songshan Street Community Health Service Center will continue to play a role in the health of the people under its jurisdiction “ The gatekeeper ” My duty and mission , Build up a defense line for epidemic prevention and control , Ensure people's life, health and safety .

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