Boxing Odyssey, stepping on GL8, Beijing Hyundai's first MPV kustui

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boxing odyssey stepping gl8 gl

Beijing Hyundai kustu will have 5 Two exterior colors , Polar white 、 Elegant silver 、 Midnight blue 、 Brilliant Brown 、 Dai Qinghui .

The exterior part of the vehicle looks like a full sense of design from the front of the vehicle , Not only that, it also has a strong dynamic design element into it , The front air intake grille as sharp as diamond cutting improves the sharpness of the front , The overall front looks sharp and fashionable through the modification of lines .

The headlights of the vehicle are integrated with the front of the vehicle , There are chrome strips above , There is also a large circle of chrome plated decoration at the lower fog lamp to depict the outline , Make the headlights and grille look integrated , Neither is abrupt . It is worth noting that , Vehicle head light and daytime running light , The adopted shape is consistent with the interior decoration of air inlet grille , And placed in the grid , Further highlight the sense of front design , The mysterious and beautiful design is officially called Eagle wing LED Hidden sun lamp, also known as angel wing design .

The design of the side of the vehicle continues the sharp feeling of the front , The line shows an upward trend from the front wheel to the rear wheel , And the front and rear wheel eyebrows are dotted with edges and corners , Make the side width of the vehicle increase visually . Side sliding doors on both sides , The real shooting model adopts bilateral electric opening , According to the official , The opening range of sliding door reaches 715 mm , It not only provides convenience for members to get on and off, but also increases the sense of technology and comfort of the vehicle .

The car side is made of sharp 18 Inch large rim , Overall processing technology of two colors , Create a full three-dimensional dynamic , Match four Jinhu tires , The specification is 225/55 R18.

Although the tail of the vehicle is decorated with lines and the overall sharpness is reduced , But the same thing is that the overall sense of design is excellent , The tail is layered 、 An element rich style . The outer probe tail is used above , Through below LED Lighting is not only a popular element nowadays , At the same time, the light trend recovered inward on both sides makes the rear of the car appear convergent 、 Elegance , The two-color shield at the bottom makes the rear of the car feel excellent 、 Increased recognition .

The exterior of the vehicle is not only rich in design elements , The visual feeling is very sharp and durable , At the same time, on the external configuration , The real model is not backward at all , Electric sliding doors on both sides 、LED The light 、 The configuration of electric tailgate also gives the vehicle a lot of extra points in actual use , On the outside, the vehicle can be regarded as a competitor with medium and high quality MPV.

Into the car , Compared with the outside of the car, the same thing is the continuation of the excellent design sense , The difference is that more details in the car show more elegance and smooth atmosphere . The overall level of central control is clear , Adopt the functional area design biased to the driver's side , Add a lot of soft materials , Make the central control not only excellent atmosphere, but also outstanding function and practicability .

The vehicle adopts digital LCD instrument , dynamic , Full of technology , The color of the instrument cluster will change with the change of driving mode , Give users an emotional driving experience . The internal display is rich in information , The reading is clear , Can have a variety of driving information 、 Entertainment system information is presented at the same time .

Vertical 10.4 The inch touch screen is in the center of the center console , The internal system operates smoothly , Support vehicle networking 、 There are many ways of interconnection and many personalized applications for users to explore , Easy to use , Rich in functions , Full touch design , According to user preferences , Set a theme , Custom screen components , To meet individual needs .

The front seats of the vehicle have a very comfortable riding experience , The support and package of the seat are in place , The stitching of diamond lattice highlights the luxurious atmosphere in the car , Support multi-directional electric regulation 、 Heating ventilation , Although the cushion height is adjusted to the lowest, it still has a relatively high sitting posture , But it can bring good driving vision , Also consistent with MPV The driving feeling of sitting and driving .

height 190 Centimeter experimenters adjust the front row to a safe driving position , The head is... Away from the roof 3 Refers to the margin , Both longitudinal and transverse width are comfortable enough for both seat and space .

As MPV models , The inside of the car adopts 223 The seat layout , Two independent seats in the second row have excellent comfort , Compared with the front row, the softness and support are better , At the same time, the second row seats have high adjustability , Three one touch electrically adjustable seat modes 、 Multidirectional electric regulation 、 With handrails on both sides 、 Electric leg dragging and other configurations can give top comfort to the members of the second row during long-distance travel .

Space in the most forward state of the second row of seats , The same passenger has a punch in the leg while the front seat remains stationary 、 The margin of three fingers on the head .

Space in the last state of the second row of seats , The legs are two punches away from the front seat , The head remains the same .

The third row of seats also maintains the high level design of the first two rows of seats , The seat back supports manual adjustment , However, compared with the first two rows, the backrest and cushion are thinner , When riding for a long time, the support and comfort of the body are slightly less than the first two rows .

It is more convenient for people with the same experience to enter the third row , The aisle in the second row is quite spacious , However, it can only be comfortable when the second row seats are adjusted to the front . Fortunately, there is a large concave above the head of the third row , Can give members excellent vertical space , Leg space also has three fingers free , The cushion height is slightly lower , Leg support needs to be improved .

As a MPV The car model takes care of the members in the car , Not only is the atmosphere as comfortable as possible 、 The ride space is as good as possible , The storage details are also very careful , There are many storage details in the car, so that all members can find a suitable space for storing all kinds of items . Similarly, some use details in the car are also excellent , Both the first and second rows have seat ventilation and heating 、 Independent wireless charging and sufficient charging interface , The third row also has independent air conditioning and air outlet , Ensure that each member is comfortable to ride .

Kuxtu adopts the front and rear segmented skylight design , Excellent opening area , At the same time, take care of the driver and rear passengers , Provide a stronger sense of outdoor immersion . In addition, the side of the second row is also provided with a sunshade , It is helpful to improve travel comfort .

According to the official data, the opening width of the rear compartment of situ is up to 1223 mm , A better way to understand is that you can easily install at least 6 individual 20 Inch suitcase , It can meet the needs of rear compartment storage in most cases , Of course, this is a relatively flat object , If baby strollers or safety seats need to be placed reasonably , In addition, after the third discharge level, the space can be expanded to 707 l , Meet the loading requirements of larger items , To load longer items , You can also put the second row of seats upside down , The maximum loading length can reach 2192 mm , You can easily put down a single bed , Even if it's moving to pick up goods . There is also a segmented storage compartment under the rear compartment cover , It can accommodate some scattered items for daily travel, such as car cleaning cloth 、 Car wax 、 Fire extinguishers, etc .

Korean cars are in the competition of joint venture brands, whether in cars or SUV The market is based on excellent design and pricing 、 The same or even better configuration to impress consumers , Then, it is the competition of independent brand competitors that Chinese and Korean cars have an advantage in brand as a joint venture . At present, kustu has continued its excellent design and configuration, and achieved joint venture in space and atmosphere MPV Medium and high level , If we can continue the consistent pricing advantage of Korean cars , So the future MPV The market will have its world . More accurate information about the vehicle's power parameters and power allocation needs to be confirmed by the official , However, it is certain that we will test drive the vehicle in the near future , At that time, I believe the official will give relevant parameters of power and chassis , If you are interested, you can continue to pay attention to , We will also bring the report as soon as possible .

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