The owner's story | as time goes by, he still can't drive around this "champion car"

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owner story time goes drive


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In my impression , Every appearance of Junge is accompanied by the same picture : Zizi carefully stopped his imported outlander , Lock the door leisurely .

A man is his name , Brother Jun's biggest hobby is mountains and rivers , After buying the imported third-generation outlander at a high price , He keeps company with his car almost all day . Tibet 、 gansu 、 xinjiang …… All left the figures of Junge and outland . At that time, we didn't understand why he had to spend a lot of money on one “ Off-road vehicle ”, Instead of building a qualified BMW 、 audi . Brother Jun's answer is —— This guy can do anything , And Beier has personality , The key is to let me go anywhere , Never fear “ Lying down ”.



Maybe Junge at this time , We have understood the meaning of the Dakar champion gene in outlander .

Time flies ,50 The - year-old brother Jun changed and accompanied him 10 Years old man . however , His new car is still that name —— The Outlander . But the color changed to a younger white , The model code evolved into “2021 paragraph ”.


I was surprised , But soon calm . As a car media practitioner , I know the strength of outlander , Also fully understand the Mitsubishi brand “ Champion gene ” What does it mean , Of course, he has an absolute understanding of his choice .

Outlander's “ Champion gene ”

Let's start with a question :“ Use three words to describe Mitsubishi Motor , Do you think so? ?”

I believe that both fans and ordinary consumers , All that pops out of my mind should be —— Dakar .

Yes , Dakar Rally is called the game of the brave , It's also the toughest car rally in the world . Any car brand or a racing driver , Regardless of the final result , Be able to participate in and complete the Dakar Rally , It has been a supreme honor . But for those who have competed 26 Time , To win 12 Second champion , And keep it 7 For the winning Mitsubishi , Conquering and dominating Dakar is just this “ Technical paranoia ”, Part of the track's glorious history . Because Mitsubishi still dominates WRC Of EVO, Here, press no table first .


Mitsubishi Motor, which has accumulated a lot of experience in rally track , Will keep running in 、 The evolved four-wheel drive technology is applied to SUV On the body , Finally, Mitsubishi has two world-famous four-wheel drive systems :S-AWC Super all wheel control system and SS4 Superselective four-wheel drive system . The blessing of these two 4WD systems , Directly let Mitsubishi racing in WRC And Dakar have made amazing achievements .

Of course, in the civil field , We are familiar with S-AWC Super full wheel control system . Today, , This 4WD system from Dakar champion car , It has been widely used in various civilian models of Mitsubishi . And the most representative , It's GAC Mitsubishi Outlander .


This system allows the vehicle to , According to different road conditions , Precise control of traction 、 Braking force 、 Before and after 、 Torque output between left and right wheels , So as to greatly improve the stability of the vehicle in cornering and other situations , Suppress sideslip 、 Understeer 、 Oversteer, etc , Give better play to the limits of the vehicle ., Give the driver enough confidence to enjoy driving fun under various conditions , It also allows users to wet the road in rainy and snowy weather , Or under bad road conditions such as full of sand , You can still feel more steady and calm when driving .


Of course , In the field of Civil Vehicles , High end of Technology , In the field of civilian vehicles, it is only one aspect of gaining good reputation . On the other hand , And the stability of the product , It is also the guarantee of users' consumer confidence . In brother Jun's words :“ In addition to the maintenance of the old man before ,10 I haven't been to a repair shop with me for years , I have no reason not to believe Mitsubishi , Don't believe outlander ?”

Stable quality and city 、 The all-round performance of off-road performance , Reflected incisively and vividly in outlander , It has also created an excellent reputation for its success . The continuous accumulation of good reputation , Finally, the outbreak , And this burst point , Namely ——2047.

Exclusively for outlander “2047”

In addition to the inherent champion gene , As an ordinary consumer , Of course, Junge pays more and more attention to the cost performance and quality price ratio of a car .

The reason why I still can't get around outlander when changing cars , Brother Jun said so :“ This generation of outlander still maintains a high level of 4 Drive capacity , The price has also come close enough to the people 20 All of the following ; More Than This , Now the family is prosperous , I am right. “7 seat ” I can't refuse . And, of course, the one known as ‘ Centennial strong core ’ Mitsubishi MIVEC 2.4L The engine , About its ride comfort and stability , I'm afraid I have the most say .”



Now , In the city SUV In the field , Few people can use one in 20 Buy one under 10000 4 drive 、7 Your favorite car model . And Hollande's “2047” The laws of , It is such a dream that has been brought into reality . Models of the same level , The Japanese camp has already generally chosen to reduce emissions 1.5T The engine , Only Toyota still uses 2.0L、2.5L Self priming engine , however 4 The price of driving models has been raised to 20 Wan is even close to 25 ten thousand ; And the German camp , There are relatively larger displacement options , Its but 4 The price of the drive version is also in 25 ten thousand , Even in or 25 All the above , And do not provide 7 A version .

Under such a market pattern , Outlander relies on “2047”——20 Within ten thousand, there are seven 4WD cities SUV Product label , Success has yielded more than 30 Million users love , Stable in Japanese 4WD SUV forefront .

besides , Brother Jun's this 2021 Outlander , Continuing the family Dynamic Shield Based on the design language , Added “ Colorless body ” Design , Increased body color coverage , Every design detail has been carefully considered , Make the new car integral , More advanced .

And under the overall upgrade , Outlander combines ergonomically comfortable seats , For better support and fit , Ensure ride comfort ; meanwhile , From elegant Lingge grey interior to dreamy light and shadow panel technology , See the true chapter for details , Also for interior adjustment 、 Create a full sense of quality and full interior space .



Besides , The rich configuration can also reflect the competitive advantage of outlander . For comfort configurations such as front seat heating , In addition to the minimum allocation, all models are equipped with ; And automatic air conditioning 、 Tire pressure alarm 、Carlife、 Voice recognition and other functions , The standard configuration of the whole system is realized .

Cost performance 、 Overall lead in quality price ratio , Let GAC Mitsubishi Outlander not only “ Dakar champion ” Under the halo of genes , It has technical advantages , It has also greatly improved consumers' purchase confidence .

Conclusion : Junge, who likes to mention a new car , Compare Mitsubishi to making SUV Expert , I'm glad I'm still “ Mitsubishi SUV aristocratic family ” A member of the .

And for a car company , With the development of the times , Strong enough core technology and good enough product stability , Not only has it increasingly become the key to determining users' final orders “ The main points of ”, At the same time, it will also become the performance of the core competitiveness of auto enterprises . And new cars emerge in endlessly , Under the changing market , This is also Mitsubishi Motor , Or outlander , New cars are emerging one after another , Under the changing market , Remain in a strong position , An important reason for the virtuous circle of using Hukou stele .


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