Such a chassis can be reluctant to use by the joint venture brand

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chassis reluctant use joint venture

commonly MPV The chassis design is quite old , Especially some famous joint venture brand models in China , It's basically the same level as it was decades ago , What about this GAC motor M8 How is your chassis ? Let's have a chat today .

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The front subframe of this car is the lowest point of the whole chassis , The strong beam can protect the engine, gearbox and rear components .


The drive shaft is of equal length half shaft design .


This car doesn't have “ Particle catcher ”, Because its turbocharged engine is a native six emission engine . In the current market , Due to the impact of national VI emission , Most engines can only meet the emission requirements by installing particle traps in the later stage . This disadvantage affects power and fuel consumption , And it needs to be done regularly “ Running at high speed ” clear , Even some models will have various faults . And this one M8 Your engine will save you a lot of trouble , Fuel consumption and power are not affected , And the maintenance in the future will be much simpler .


Because there is no chassis guard , So some pipelines are exposed .


The bottom plate is sprayed with water-based damping , There is no additional spray on the stiffening beam .


Because the car body is wider , So the chassis of the car is equipped with multiple beams and longitudinal beams , Better enhance the body strength .


Put the spare tire under the car , It's a non full size tire .

Front suspension



The subframe is a full frame structure of double-layer stamped steel plate .


The front suspension is a traditional McPherson structure , The lower swing arm is made of cast iron , With corresponding weight reduction holes , The steering knuckle is also made of cast iron .

After the suspension

“ Three horizontal and one vertical ” Four link



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The rear subframe is also a full frame structure , To increase strength , Several stiffening beams have also been added .



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The rear suspension is an ordinary car or SUV common “ Three horizontal and one vertical ” Four link independent suspension , By a strong lower swing arm 、 An aluminum upper control arm 、 A lower control arm and a longitudinal arm .



Although such a rear suspension structure is quite common , But at the same level MPV But not many of the models . Because at the same level, whether Buick GL8, Or Honda Odyssey , Are independent suspensions of trailing arm torsion beams . More comfortable independent suspension often only appears in Toyota Senna 、 buick GL8 ES…… Some high-end MPV On .


Joint venture cars can be reluctant to use

This GAC motor M8 The chassis as a whole , The materials are in good order , The design is relatively new . Generally speaking ,MPV The chassis often lags behind cars and SUV, After all MPV The replacement of chassis is slow , And don't pursue driving performance .

Compared with the same level MPV, Especially Buick, which has been around for years GL8 And Honda Odyssey , They are all chassis suspensions that were used decades ago . And this GAC motor M8 Because the design is relatively new , So the starting point is relatively high , It's a four link independent rear suspension , On the structure , There will be certain innate advantages . And those “ grandpa ” The joint venture vehicles have been reluctant to replace the old chassis that has been used for many years , This may be an opportunity for independent brands .

About the interior materials of this car , Is it worth buying ? Please continue to pay attention to the subsequent disassembly contents . The measurement data and conclusions in this article and video are only responsible for this vehicle , The measurement data shall be responsible for the published experimental method .

2021 GAC motor M8 Chassis score



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