From one new car a year to three new cars a year, Weilai's combat value has been full!

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【EV Horizon Report 】 It's time for the three brothers of U.S. stock market to release the second quarter results again ,8 month 12 In the morning , Wei Lai took the lead , In terms of financial data and delivery , Wei Lai is still good at playing , And more predictable .

overall , Weilai's revenue in the second quarter reached 84.5 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year increase 127.2%, rose 5.8%, The gross profit margin of the whole vehicle is 20.3%, The comprehensive gross profit rate is 18.6%, Overall stable , The cash reserve exceeds 483.2 One hundred million yuan , Enough to support it to speed up the research and development of new products and full stack technologies , Increase the construction of charging and changing electricity and sales service network .

With R & D investment, efficiency has risen significantly , Wei Lai plans to 2022 Annual delivery includes ET7 Three of them are based on NT2.0 New models of technology platform , And will enter the mass market through new brands , Will provide better products and services at a lower price than Tesla .


From the delivery of a new car a year , Deliver three new cars a year , This is Weilai's system competitiveness 、 R & D capability and efficient use of funds are another hard core demonstration , In the new round of cruel competition in the war of car making , Wei Lai still hopes to keep his hard-earned King status and aura .

The current achievements are commendable

2021 Second quarter , Weilai's car sales are 79.118 RMB 100 million , Year-on-year growth 127%, rose 6.8%, This is mainly due to the increase in delivery , Weilai delivered... In the second quarter 21896 platform ES8、ES6 and EC6, Record delivery , Year-on-year growth 111.9%, rose 9.2%, The performance of the three existing models is very strong .


Founder of Weilai 、 Chairman of the board of directors 、CEO Li Bin said , According to the association data , In the first half of this year, the penetration rate of electric vehicles in the Chinese market reached 8.4%. The penetration rate of Weilai in the first and second tier cities is also rising rapidly . In Shanghai, , In the first half of this year, in all high-end SUV Market penetration has reached 13.7%. Weilai's monthly new orders continue to grow , However, at present, the upper limit of delivery is mainly affected by the supply side , expect 2021 The total delivery volume in the third quarter of 2014 will reach 23000 To 25000 Between the tables , Expected year-on-year growth 88.4%-104.8%, rose 5.0%-14.2%

Looking forward to the third quarter , The total revenue is expected to be 89.13 One hundred million yuan to 96.31 Between 100 million yuan , The year-on-year increase is expected to be about 96.9%-112.8%, The month on month growth is expected to be about... Compared with the second quarter 5.5%-14%.


And 2020 Compared to , The gross profit margin of Weilai automobile continues to increase ,2021 The gross profit margin of the whole vehicle in the second quarter of 20.3%,2020 The second quarter of 2013 was only 9.7%, The comprehensive gross profit margin also increased from 2020 In the second quarter of 8.4% to 18.6%. The growth of Weilai automobile delivery 、 The increase of average selling price and the reduction of material cost , Make the gross profit margin of automobile sales remain stable month on month .

The second quarter , The sales and management expenses of Weilai automobile are 14.978 RMB 100 million , Year-on-year growth 59.9%, rose 25.1%. Sales and management expenses other than equity incentive expenses ( Non US GAAP ) by 13.375 RMB 100 million , Year-on-year growth 47.9%, rose 17.2%.

The year-on-year increase in sales and administrative expenses is mainly due to the increase in marketing activities and the growth of sales and service personnel , The month on month growth is due to marketing 、 Increase in promotional activities and professional services . With the rapid increase of users , In order to better serve users in a wider market , And meet the delivery demand of more models next year , Weilai has increased sales this year 、 Service network and team building efforts .

at present , Weilai has been built 25 A Wellcome center and 243 A Weilai space , Covering China 128 Cities . Next, we will continue to strengthen the construction of Weilai center and Weilai space , Expand sales network coverage , Faster penetration into second and third tier cities . At present, Wei Lai is in 133 Cities have 36 Jiaweilai service center and 171 Home Authorization Service Center , In order to meet the rapidly growing user service demand , Weilai will further expand more service centers .


In terms of charging and switching network , Weilai has been built 361 Tower in power station , Cover 103 Cities , Complete more than... For users 300 Ten thousand power changes .7 Released in April NIO Power 2025 Layout plan of replacement power station , It is planned to build more than by the end of this year 700 Tower in power station . To 2025 end of the year , The global total number of Weilai replacement power stations will exceed 4000 seat . meanwhile , Weilai is also further increasing the construction of overcharge network and destination charging pile . Up to now, more than... Have been deployed throughout the country 238 Two overcharge stations and 2416 Root destination charging pile . With the acceleration of charging and changing network layout , The user to BaaS Deepening the understanding of rechargeable, replaceable and upgradeable modes , More and more users can feel the power change and BaaS Advantages , choice BaaS The number of users is also rising . 

In terms of profit and loss , Weilai's operating loss in the second quarter was 7.633 RMB 100 million , Year-on-year decline in 34.2%, Month on month growth 158%. In addition to equity incentive expenses , Adjusted operating loss ( Non US GAAP ) by 5.119 RMB 100 million , Year-on-year decline in 54.1%, rose 156.7%. Second quarter net loss 5.872 RMB 100 million , Year-on-year decline in 50.1%, rose 30.2%. In addition to equity incentive expenses , Adjusted net loss ( Non US GAAP ) by 3.358 RMB 100 million , Year-on-year decline in 70.3%, fell 5.3%.


By 2021 year 6 month 30 Japan , Weilai's cash reserves are 483 RMB 100 million (75 Billion dollars ). With the steady growth of delivery quantity and revenue , The operation of the enterprise is healthy , Weilai will continue to invest heavily in R & D and the construction of sales and service network . next step , Weilai still needs to consider how to maintain rapid growth , At the same time, reduce cost and increase efficiency .

In the international market , Market entry in Norway is proceeding in an orderly manner , The first batch of Wei Lai ES8 Has been shipped , expect 8 Arrive in Norway in the middle and late of the month ,9 Start booking and delivery in January . from 9 Month begins ,NIO App、NIO Life、 Wei to center 、NIO Power Rechargeable, replaceable and upgradeable service system 、 Weilai service and delivery center will meet with Norwegian users in succession .


New brand 、 New models

2021 The year is the key year for Weilai to lay the foundation for long-term development , The R & D of new products and full stack technology in the second half of the year will continue to accelerate , Make full preparations for the delivery of three new products next year .

The second quarter , Weilai's R & D expenses increased year-on-year and month on month , achieve 8.837 RMB 100 million , Year-on-year growth 62.1%, rose 28.7%, Mainly due to the increase in R & D expenses of new products and technologies , And the increase of R & D personnel .


Weilai's overall new products and new technologies “ Research and development - Mass production landing ” Efficiency and system capability have improved rapidly compared with the past ,5 month , Wei to ET7 The first production line verifies that the sample vehicle is offline , A series of demanding vehicle functions 、 Performance and regulatory testing has begun . New generation automatic driving system NAD The development of is also progressing smoothly , At present, the team size related to automatic driving is 500 Left and right , Will increase by the end of the year 300 people , achieve 800 Human size .

From the third quarter , R & D expenses will continue to increase significantly , The annual R & D expenditure is planned to reach 50 RMB 100 million . The size of the R & D team at the end of the year will double that at the beginning of the year .

This year, 8 month , Weilai will release NIO OS 3.0, Comprehensive upgrading UIUX, Provide more new features , And further optimize the existing function experience . Through continuous FOTA(Firmware Over-The-Air) upgrade ,NIO Pilot The functional experience of is also gradually improving , The two quarter ,NIO Pilot The user selection rate has exceeded 80%. By 7 month ,NIO Pilot The total mileage of automatic assisted driving has exceeded 2 Million kilometers . Independently developed FOTA Technology makes Weilai's products have a common and often new experience , Product value and user experience can be continuously improved . 

With the global popularity of electric vehicles, it began to reach the critical point , Think it necessary to speed up the introduction of new products , Provide more high-end intelligent electric vehicles .2022 year , Weilai plans to deliver including ET7 Three of them are based on NT2.0 New models of technology platform ,2022 There will be six models on sale at the same time ,NT2.0 The three models will have point-to-point automatic driving ability .


“ We still want to give users a little more choice , Of course, we won't push so many models like traditional cars , But it will not push only a few two or three models like some companies , So I'll make a balance ”, According to Li Bin ,“ Different design shapes of the car will match different users , Give users a limited choice of richness , This is a reasonable imagination . But don't worry, we will push a lot of models , existing NT1.0 Compared with other models at the same price , Like Audi 、 Compared with the electric vehicle just launched by BMW , It's very competitive , It's still a different product experience compared with gasoline cars , The three models to be mass produced next year do not involve the iteration of existing models . Out of a more conservative financial policy , We are also accelerating depreciation , This means that existing products will be upgraded to the second generation platform as soon as possible , This is our overall direction .”

Based on this , Weilai has greatly strengthened its R & D efforts in core technologies and new products , be based on NT2.0 Our new model will use the latest Weilai automatic driving technology NAD(NIO Autonomous Driving). Equipped with a high-definition camera and ultra long-distance high-precision lidar, Weilai super sensing system Aquila, And equipped with four NVIDIA NVIDIA DRIVE Orin chip , Up to 1016TOPS Weilai supercomputing platform Adam. The full stack automatic driving technology capability established by Weilai , Will gradually achieve high speed 、 city proper 、 Parking 、 Easy and safe point-to-point automatic driving experience in scenarios such as power on .


Here's the thing to watch , Li Bin revealed , Weilai's preparations for entering the mass market have also been accelerated , Will enter the mass market through new brands , At present, a core team has been established .

The relationship between Weilai brand and new mass market brands is like Audi - The public 、 lexus - Toyota's relationship . Li Bin made it clear , The new brand will not enter Wuling MINI EV Market segments , But at a lower price than Tesla , Attract users and provide better products and services . The brand of mass market is a long-term strategic thinking , R & D speed and efficiency must be faster on the basis of Weilai , But the specific launch time , And according to technology 、 Market and other aspects , Make decisions more calmly .

“ In terms of price , The cost of batteries has dropped a lot in the past two years , When the overall output comes up , There is some room for decline , So next year, there must be a car with a lower price than all the existing cars , That is to say NIO The lowest priced model under the brand , however NIO The brand will not release too cheap models ”, Li Bin especially emphasized ,“ We will enter the mass market through a new brand .”


For long-term market share , Li Bin said , We attach great importance to the improvement of Weilai's market share , for example ES8 In medium and large-scale high-end enterprises SUV market ,ES6 In high-end and medium-sized enterprises SUV The gradual increase of market share .” I never talk about the goal of market share . In terms of the company , Our goal is very clear , Hope to become the most satisfactory brand for users , I believe that if our products and services can satisfy users , Our market share will naturally reach the desired point . The price range of Weilai products , With the audi 、 BMW 、 tesla Model S、Model X、Model Y High end pure electricity such as high configuration version SUV comparison , Now it has more than half of the market share . In the long run , We are very confident , It will still focus on product and user service satisfaction .

According to the terminal retail data of China automobile Center ,2021 year 1-6 month , At the average transaction price 25 The sales volume of more than 10000 brands ranks in the top , Wei Lai enters the top ten , With 43.04 The average transaction price of 10000 yuan exceeds BMW 、 audi 、 lexus , Chasing Mercedes . New energy sales of high-end brands are medium , tesla 、 Wei to 、 Ideal to enter the top three , Surpass BMW 、 Mercedes 、 Audi luxury car brands . among , In the first half of the year, Weilai delivered 41,956 platform , About twice the sales of BMW 、 audi 5 times 、 Mercedes 7 Twice as many .

Be ready for challenges

Although the second quarter was affected by the fluctuation of chip supply , However, the overall production and delivery of Weilai automobile meet the expectations . However, access 7 Since the month , Outbreaks and extreme weather conditions pose continuing challenges to global supply chains , The recent epidemic in some parts of China has affected the production of Weilai .


“ We will work with our supply chain partners , Minimize the impact of supply chain fluctuations on overall production and delivery in the third quarter .” Li Bin said ,“ The impact of the epidemic is indeed global , We have been trained to deal with dynamic situations . The recent local epidemic in China has had an impact on us , We have an interior trim panel supplier partner, which happens to be in the high-risk area of Nanjing , They are now out of production .

The outbreak in Malaysia has also led to the shutdown of some chip factories ,” This has a great impact on the global automobile supply chain , It's not just our family , We have also taken some countermeasures “, According to Li Bin , For now , The impact of the epidemic in Malaysia is still controllable . Another risk point is some parts imported from Germany , Affected by floods in Germany , Some factories were affected ,“ We and our partners have found a solution , At present, the impact is controllable , The challenges at the end of the supply chain in the third quarter are really big .”


Next year, Weilai's demand for batteries will also increase significantly , After the release of three new models , The demand for battery capacity will jump greatly compared with this year . at present , Weilai and Ningde times (CATL) Has been discussing how to increase the supply of battery capacity , Wei Lai will still CATL As the main partner , Conduct in-depth exchanges on the latest battery technology and capacity guarantee . According to Li Bin , Such a strategy is the best strategy for the development of the company at this stage .

CMB international research report pointed out , Weilai's production in the second quarter was once impressed by the tight supply of chips , Constrained delivery growth . Looking forward to the second half of the year , Under the expectation that chip supply will show marginal recovery , Delivery is expected to continue to rise .

Fund management company Navellier & Associates fund manager Louis Navellier Think ,“ Wei Lai is ready , I believe Tesla will eventually be overtaken by another large electric vehicle factory in China , Weilai is about to dominate China's electric vehicle market . Because Weilai has advanced automatic driving technology , And benefit from the government's strong promotion of new energy vehicles , The most important thing is the user's trust vote .”

Citibank maintains its buy rating on Weilai , And set the target price from 58.3 US dollar up to 72 dollar , And will Wei come 2021 The annual sales volume is expected to be 90000 Vehicle up to 93000 car .



The competition of intelligent electric vehicles , It is entering the era of systematic competition from the original single point competition . There may have been a bright spot in the past , Better endurance , Or which piece is better can “ kill ” come out , But when more players come into play , The test is the systematic ability of the enterprise .

Weilai automobile, born in the era of mobile Internet , Emphasize the brand from the beginning 4 Big pillar : vehicle ( Agile R & D 、 Independent research and development of six core technologies such as three electricity and intelligence )、 service ( Direct selling model 、BaaS、NIO Power、AdaaS、NIO Service、 Official used cars, etc )、 Digitization ( Intelligent manufacturing 、 Digital contacts, etc )、 Life style ( User community 、NIO Life、NIO House etc. ), These four dimensions build a completely different system of competitiveness from other enterprises , It will also lead Weilai to continuously innovate , Break through self , Meet different challenges with continuous innovation .





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