China Star has set a new sales record, and Geely has become the global leader of Chinese brand cars

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china star set new sales

geely “ Chinese star ”, Go public is hot

8 month 6 Japan , Geely motor released the latest sales data , First half of this year , Geely 1-7 Monthly cumulative sales of enterprises 72.95 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 15%, Maintain a steady upward trend . Behind the steady and upward sales trend , It is considered to have the strength to rewrite the whole market pattern “ Chinese star ” The series did not disappoint .



7 month 20 Xingyue, which just went on the market on the th L, only 10 In a matter of days 6059 Sales performance and 3 ten thousand + Cumulative orders , Refreshed the same level SUV Sales record ;“ Chinese star ” series 7 Monthly sales reached 18235 car ,1-7 Monthly cumulative sales 95465 car ; China Star flagship sedan Xingrui is listed 9 Months since , The average monthly sales volume is over 10000 , Cumulative sales reached 95521 car .

Born out of CMA Super matrix “ Chinese star ” series , Successfully challenge the high-end market , Provide users with high-value products , Realize the popularization of high-end products , Changed the existing pattern of the market , Become a leader in China's medium and high-end automobile market “ New forces ”, It can be said to be a milestone in the history of China's automobile development .



This also confirms , In the of great strength CMA Under the power of super matrix , Geely has become the global leader of Chinese brand cars .

The more stars L Comprehensive commodity value ,

Can surpass the joint venture 、 Comparable luxury

In Xingyue L At the launch of , With the Geely brand CMA The high-end model is named “ Chinese star ”, It's also given “ Fight for the value of Chinese cars ” The mission of .



When the stars grow L The official guidance price is 13.72 Ten thousand yuan -18.52 Ten thousand yuan , Thunderous applause broke out at the listing site . Colleagues who recently test drove a new car also said about the price “ Beyond imagination ”, as a result of “ Too cheap ” 了 . What colleagues say “ cheap ”, With Chinese cars in the past for a long time “ cheap ” Different , It means more “ A bargain ”.



In the past , Subject to the late start of the domestic automobile industry 、 Low starting point, many factors , It is difficult for Chinese brand cars to compete with foreign brand cars in terms of Technology , Can only rely on low prices to seize the market , Let Chinese brand cars be labeled “ cheap ” The label of .

With the rapid development of Chinese automobile brands in recent years , The technology of many first-line Chinese brands is making progress with the naked eye , And individual Chinese car companies , Especially in industry 4.0 Make a technological breakthrough under the trend of , Have the strength to make good cars , The price of the model continues to break through , The value of Chinese brand cars began to appear .



Test drive Geely star Yue L My colleagues think , The car is not simply an extended version of the star , It includes the chassis 、 body 、 The engine 、 All vehicle parts such as intake and exhaust system 、 structure 、 The system is included , New models that have been recalibrated . Its comprehensive performance , It has surpassed the joint venture brand models of the same level , It even has the strength to compete on the same stage with luxury brand models with a price more than twice as high , Enough to support it to set the price at 20 More than ten thousand yuan . Who expected the star to be more L The starting price of is only 13.72 Ten thousand yuan , The top model is just 18.52 Ten thousand yuan , Less than expected .


The more lucky star L Its comprehensive performance surpasses the models of the same level of the joint venture brand in all aspects .

In the automotive industry , The price of a car often depends on the value of the vehicle . And the value of cars , Not just as a means of transportation , It also includes technology 、 performance 、 material 、 To configure 、 Comprehensive commodity value including quality , Between the comprehensive commodity value and the selling price , Not linearly increasing , It's like a point in value , Add two cents to the price . The more lucky star L Appearance , No doubt broke this tradition .



In this regard, some people say , The more stars L Achieved a strong joint venture brand 、 Dimensionality reduction of luxury brand models , Actually , The more stars L It just shows China's car making strength , Greatly enhance the value of Chinese cars .

And the more stars L Bring users “ A bargain ” Experience , Also reflected in sales . Listing only 10 God , The more stars L Sales breakthrough 6000+, Cumulative order breakthrough 30000+. And in all orders , The sales volume of high configuration models accounts for 62%, The average transaction price of all models is as high as 17 Ten thousand yuan .

What's the concept ? You know, the hot joint venture compact class on the market SUV, for example RAV4 etc. , After the discount of the main selling models, the average transaction price of the terminal is 16-18 Between ten thousand , The average transaction price of the same level models of independent brands is mostly in 12 All of the following , The more stars L This is another break in the ceiling of the average transaction price of models of the same level of independent brands , be supposed to 20 Five big seats with no opponent within ten thousand SUV Too much , Compared with sales , This can better reflect consumers' understanding of CMA Super matrix and star Yue L Recognition .

Build Chinese people's own high-value and good cars

at present CMA The global architecture products have exceeded 100 Million users , If you want these users to say yes CMA The most impressive architecture , I believe most of the answers will be “ High value ”.



With auspicious stars L For example , By providing users with all-round leading car experience , So that users don't have to spend more money , You can get a first-class car experience .

In terms of intelligent configuration , The more stars L Carrying Geely galaxy OS Vehicle intelligent control center , Adopt vehicle specification level Qualcomm snapdragon 8155 chip . Four screen linked horizon picture UI Design , adopt 25.6 Inch AR-HUD Augmented reality head up display , You can mark... On the road ACC、AEB、 Navigation path 、 Lane departure warning 、 Important driving and safety information such as destination reminder , Let users enjoy the safe travel experience brought by technology .



In the selection of configuration materials and functions , The more stars L It's also carefully selected , For example, special custom suede covering the whole car 、Bose Deluxe custom audio 、 Double laminated glass 、ANC Active noise reduction, etc . All of this , Undoubtedly further enhance the value of the vehicle .



in addition , In terms of user operation and maintenance concept , China Star series products also bring “ No comparison, no trial, no sale ” Innovative user experience , Responsible to users 、 Let users rest assured . Upgrade the intensity of opening up and co creation , Invite users to become product developers 、 Definition 、 The whole manufacturing process reviewer , Give judgment to users ; The new Geely car App As a Geely based user “ We ” Co creation and sharing of brands , Cooperate with users to create CMA Day Experience day activities 、 High end series peripheral products, etc . To build the “ Open platform 、 User co creation ” New user operation ecology , Geely has started to create and share with users 、 Jointly promote a new chapter of brand development .

Chinese star , Aiming at the popularization of high-end products , Deliver... To the market “ Choose a world-class car , Identify CMA/ China Star is right ” The golden rule of .“ Chinese star ” Practice “ Make the world full of auspiciousness ” An important step in vision , Accelerate Geely's high-end process , Make high-end products popular , All inclusive users .

At the end :

Only a short while ago , Because of the gap in technical strength of Chinese brand cars , Can only rely on “ At a low price ” The only advantage of , Survive in the cracks of the market , At that time , The value of Chinese cars may be out of the question . geely CMA The arrival of Architecture , It rewrites the history of Chinese car making technology , Based on this “ Chinese star ” Series of high-end models , It has not only broken the technology of joint venture brand cars “ RCC ” Pattern , More important, , Is to enable users to spend less money , Buy high-value goods with better total price and performance , End the myth of joint venture brand . This is not just a victory for Geely products , It is also a powerful proof of the upward trend of Geely brand .

At present , A new round of “ National tide ”, Consumers have a growing preference for domestic goods . However , Consumers' buying behavior has never been blind , Only really can let users rest assured 、 Products that embody value , Will be accepted by users . Geely is based on CMA Super matrix “ Chinese star ” series , It's a first-class car that reassures users , The value of Chinese cars will be refreshed by it .

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