The details of Yu Yuexian's car accident were exposed. She was the only one who was slightly injured and died. The driver set off a heated discussion on the whole network

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details yu yuexian car accident

The death of the famous actor Yu Yuexian , Let many netizens sigh ‘ Impermanence, ’ No one knows what will happen next , At the same time, her incident has once again alerted the world , Cherish everything in front of you , Because when we leave, we can't take anything away , And on August 10th , Some media went to the site of Yu Yuexian's car accident , Exposed a lot of thought-provoking details

When netizens just learned the news , Are questioning a problem , That's why there are four people in the car , Finally, Yu Yuexian was the only one who died , Others were only slightly injured , This result seems a little too coincidental , I wouldn't dare to write that in a TV play

Can it be said that Yu Yuexian is the only one who doesn't wear a seat belt , In fact, the police have responded to this question , Make it clear that the four drivers and passengers on the car are wearing seat belts , This means that the incident has nothing to do with wearing a seat belt , It is not difficult to find the brake marks on the scene photographed by the media

Speeding must be one of the reasons , Let's think about it , An adult Camel , The least weight must be 500 kg , Two is a ton , And in this accident , If all the heavyweight animals are hit and fly , It can be seen how fast the speed was , And in the process of hitting camels , There are obvious brake marks on the ground

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