Volvo S90 vs. Mercedes Benz E-class

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volvo s90 vs. vs mercedes

[ Car home   models PK]  In the domestic medium and large luxury car market ,BBA The three companies almost firmly occupy the top few in sales and reputation , With this level, the market demand is increasing , Other luxury brands will certainly not sit back and watch the cake be separated by the three of them , They have launched their own medium and large luxury car products to challenge their market position . This year, 6 month , The new Volvo S90( Parameters | inquiry ) Officially listed , The configuration of the new car has been upgraded , motivation , The vehicle still uses 2.0T The engine +48V Light mixed system , Let's have a look today S90 Facing the same Mercedes Benz after modification E What kind of performance can level have .

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Volvo S90 Just after a small annual change , A total of 6 models , Price range: 40.69-61.39 Ten thousand yuan , among 4 For money 2.0T The engine +48V Light mixed power ,2 This is a plug-in hybrid . This time we chose to carry 2.0T The engine +48V Light mixing system 2022 paragraph B5 Zhiyuan Deluxe Edition , The official price is 45.09 Ten thousand yuan . At the same time, consumers who have more demand for power can choose T8 models . New Benz E Class long wheelbase version is also this year 3 Official listing , A total of 10 models , Price range: 43.99-56.29 Ten thousand yuan . The new car still has two appearance design styles of standard version and sports version , Compared with the old model, the biggest change is E 260 L The model has been changed 2.0 L four cylinder turbocharged engine .

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Both models have more than 5 Meter body length and more than 3 Meter wheelbase , by comparison S90 The length and width of , And Mercedes E Leading in wheelbase and body height . In terms of design ,S90 Its appearance gives people a sense of elegance and massiness , The lines are also simple and smooth . And Mercedes E The modified design still adopts two styles , Deal with youth sports and business respectively , Both have their own characteristics , Rim ,S90 It's using 19 Inch multi web rim , The style is more beautiful .

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