Postpone the official declaration! 2021 Chengdu auto show was held from August 29 to September 7

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postpone official declaration chengdu auto

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Netease car 8 month 12 Reported Wednesday   8 month 12 Friday night , The Organizing Committee of Chengdu International Auto Show officially announced , Originally scheduled for 2021 year 8 month 27 Japan -9 month 5 Held in Western China International Expo City “ The 24th Chengdu International Automobile Exhibition ” Reschedule to 2021 year 8 month 29 Japan -9 month 7 Japan , The venue remains unchanged .

before , In response to the government's requirements for epidemic prevention and control , The Organizing Committee of Chengdu International Auto Show announced that it would be postponed . Through the recent effective epidemic control measures , Chengdu has 8 month 12 It was fully restored to a low-risk area .

The Organizing Committee of Chengdu International Auto Show said , For the inconvenience caused by the adjustment of exhibition schedule caused by epidemic situation and force majeure , apologize . The organizing committee will, with the full support of relevant government departments , Adhering to the principle of safety first , Take preventive and epidemic prevention measures and emergency plans , Make every effort to ensure the health and safety of exhibitors and visitors during the exhibition , Ensure the orderly and efficient development of Chengdu International Auto Show .

As China's four major A One of the first-class auto shows , Chengdu International Auto Show has gone through 23 A year . According to the statistics ,2020 Chengdu International Auto Show was held for nearly 50 A car brand press conference , And brought 69 A new car debuted , Among them, the world's first 22 paragraph , National Launch 36 paragraph . meanwhile , The exhibition produced 38907 Car order , Turnover over 68.06 Billion element .

At present , China's passenger car market remains stable on the whole . Data display of CAAC ,7 month , Passenger car sales 155.1 Thousands of cars , fell 1.1%, Year-on-year decline in 7.0%.1-7 month , Passenger car sales 1156 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 21.2%, Acceleration ratio 1-6 The month continued to fall . It is worth mentioning that ,7 month , The production and sales of new energy vehicle market continued to grow month on month and year on year , And both hit record highs , Reach respectively 28.4 Thousands of cars and 27.1 Thousands of cars , rose 14.3% and 5.8%, Year-on-year growth 1.7 Times and 1.6 times .

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