After Huo Zun, the guest of "brother" overturned again. The China open working committee called for a thorough investigation into whether hot dogs have a history of drug abuse

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huo zun guest brother overturned

8 month 12 Japan , Huo Zun was hammered twice by his ex girlfriend Chen Lu , Then it was resisted .

News from the network culture working committee of China Cultural Management Association , Actors are required not to violate ethics or public order and good customs , At the same time, mention the immoral artists 1 year 、3 year 、5 Details of the year and permanent boycott , Left in the text “ Chen Lu basks in Huo Zun's chat records ” label , Aite official blog of China Performance Industry Association .

After the official voice , The program group involving Huo Zun made a statement at the first time ,12 It's on the air today 《 My brother 》 After announcing the consultation with Huo Zun , He decided to quit the subsequent recording of the program .

Not long after ,《 With our fist power 》 Announce that Huo Zun for personal reasons , Exit program recording .

In other words , Before Huo Zun directly responds to Chen Lu's relationship , It's hard to get another chance to appear on the show .

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