Zhang Yishan took a beautiful woman racing late at night and was reported by netizens for violating traffic regulations!

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zhang yishan took beautiful woman

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Zhang Yishan is one of the top young actors , Acting is really needless to say . Child star came out , Acting is also first-class .

since 《 The home has children 》 Start , Has been watched by everyone growing up .

In recent days, , Zhang Yishan was reported by netizens , He said he was racing in a luxury car in a section of Beijing , But because the curve presses the yellow line , Violation of traffic regulations , Investigated and dealt with by the traffic police .

If no one broke the news about it , Maybe no one cares at all , After all, there are so many people who violate traffic laws . The cause of the outbreak , It was a netizen who discovered it , And took the initiative to ask the traffic police to say :“u1s1, The star can turn the mountain road compaction line ? What do you think ?”

It is not difficult to see from the disclosure of netizens , Zhang Yishan's car did violate traffic regulations .

Besides Zhang Yishan's violation of traffic regulations , Who is the beauty of Zhang Yishan's co pilot , It has also aroused a lot of speculation , From the blurred image in the photo, we can see , The beauty is beautiful and slim , Sitting in the fast car driven by Zhang Yishan , And I'm not nervous or afraid .

Some netizens teased Xia Donghai's actor :“ Xia Donghai, come and take care of Liu Xing .

Have to say , For traffic rules , It still needs to be observed . Otherwise, it's you who suffer .

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