Baidu AVP's independent valet parking may become the standard configuration of the new car

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baidu avp independent valet parking

[ Car home   information ]  recently , There is data showing , Even for skilled drivers , On average, there are more than 30% Driving time is wasted in the process of finding parking spaces and parking , And meet in a narrow parking lot 、 Avoid obstacles 、 Back to the warehouse , It is also a very difficult problem . In the near future , Baidu AVP Autonomous parking login market , meanwhile , With Wima W6 Mass production release 、WEY mocha ( Parameters | inquiry ) With GAC e'an and Apollo The cooperation of , There will be more and more people with AVP Functional vehicles are gradually delivered to end users .

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And many automated driving systems today focus on city roads 、 Public driving areas such as highways are different , Baidu AVP Locate the scene in the parking area , Focus on solving “ It's hard to park ”、“ It's hard to find a car ” The actual needs and pain points of , But shopping malls with high security risks 、 Home Furnishing 、 Company parking lot ―― These are practical problems that need to be solved urgently for autonomous parking products .

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Baidu AVP Autonomous parking can be divided into HAVP and PAVP Two types of , The former is mainly used at home 、 Company and other fixed parking spaces , Through a quick learning route, you can realize the calling and parking from the parking space to the boarding and alighting point ; The latter is specifically for public parking scenes , It needs to cooperate with the collection of high-precision map of the parking lot to realize the final automatic driving and parking .

Hardware aspect , Baidu AVP use 5 Road camera and 12 Road ultrasonic sensor is used as the of automatic driving “ eye ”, accuracy 、 Higher sensitivity and coverage , And you can go all the way 360 Degree coverage without dead angle . Obstacle recognition 、 Front and rear ranging 、 Horizontal distance perception a lot at the same time , More powerful . Coupled with the integrated software and hardware solution, baidu ACU ( The highest level of functional safety ASIL-D) Comprehensive advantages of , Baidu AVP You can successfully create “ eye + Super brain ” A strong combination of . On this basis , Baidu AVP Not only can you find a parking space independently , Self parking , You can also encounter pedestrians or obstacles on the way , The vehicle can sense 、 Analyze and respond , Take the initiative to avoid or stop to give way , Make the whole parking behavior safe .

meanwhile , Baidu HAVP It provides owners with simple and fast memory parking function , Just learn once , The vehicle can park and summon autonomously ; According to the parking environment of the owner , Through simple and fast learning operation , It can meet the adaptability of car owners to different parking environments .

Support the whole process of autonomous parking App Remote control , And not limited to the location of the parking lot . The whole learning process only needs 2-3 minute , And support the learning of multiple routes in the cloud background . meanwhile , Baidu AVP While supporting the ground + Basement Parking , Call out is supported + Unmanned parking and warehousing , Its subsequent OTA The system upgrade will also support roaming to find parking spaces , More complex parking space types and more parking lot adaptation support .( compile / Car home Zhouyi )

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