Zero run automobile signed a strategic cooperation agreement with tuhu car maintenance

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zero run automobile signed strategic

[ Car home information ]  In recent days, , Zhejiang lingpao Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd ( Hereinafter referred to as “ Zero car ”) Shanghai lantu Information Technology Co., Ltd ( Hereinafter referred to as “ Tuhu keeps cars ”) The strategic cooperation agreement was officially signed in Hangzhou , Both parties will establish customer-centric service process standards , While expressing professionalism , Comprehensively enhance the service value .

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According to the strategic cooperation agreement , Zero run cars will be the first in the country 30 Many cities have cooperated with tuhu to raise cars , With the help of tuhu's network advantages and professional ability , Zero run certified full-time account manager 、 Maintenance technicians provide professional services to customers , Specific services include maintenance 、 Car washing beauty 、24 Hour rescue 、 Door to door pick-up and delivery, etc . After the service goes online , Zero run car owners can run through Zero run App, Query service store location , Book store service in advance . Zero sports car owners can enjoy the professional and reliable maintenance technology of zero running technology at the same time , as well as “ Door type ” Convenient service , Feel convenient anytime, anywhere 、 Efficient . some time 1―3 During the year , Zero run and tuhu also plan to continue to deepen cooperation , Expand the service network to 100 Above home .

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It is reported that , Zero run car is building a diversified service model . By building an integrated service center + Community service center + Innovative service channel mode of third-party cooperation , Build everywhere 、 Service channels close to users , Promote fragmented services . There are three modes .

Model a : Build a comprehensive service center . Zero run automobile will build a comprehensive service center in major cities across the country , It has a front warehouse for new cars 、 deliver 、 Maintenance 、 B & P and user activity center , Meet the multi-directional needs of zero running users .

Model 2 : Build a community service center . Zero run automobile will build community service centers around supermarkets , Provide charging 、 Ximei 、 Maintenance 、 User operation and other services , Closer to the user's life circle , Let users feel the peace of mind that zero running service is around . Strengthen service convenience 、 Convenient charging , Through high-frequency contact with users , Create greater value for users .

Model 3 : Establish innovative service channels for third-party cooperation . In order to better cover the scope of services , Expand and improve the service network , Provide more professional and reliable services , Zero run automobile will also cooperate with third-party automobile maintenance chain organizations , Build a zero running service network . By sharing stations , How to share technicians , Explore professional 、 facilitate 、 Light assets 、 A new service model with low investment .( Image & Text / Zero car , compile / Car home Xing Yueyang )

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