Track where the blister car in Henan went after the rainstorm?

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track blister car henan went

[ Car home industry ]  7 late , The sudden rainstorm swept Zhengzhou, Henan Province 、 xinxiang 、 anyang 、 Hebi 、 Jiaozuo and other places , The flood inundated a lot of land and farmland , Also flooded a lot of cars , These vehicles become “ Bubble car ”. Now , The flood has receded , People's lives have gradually returned to normal . that , What fate will these bubble cars face ?

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“ anyang + xinxiang + Special auction of flooded cars in Zhengzhou (180 car )”、“ xinxiang + Zhengzhou flooded train night special auction (80 platform )”… On average, there are at least two auctions a day , from 2020 Nissan Qijun to 2016 Style Peugeot 301, Until then 2016 New audi A6L, Different brands 、 Flooded cars of different years , In some App Medium fire auction .

Enter the special auction page , every other 1-2 minute , There is a bubble car to complete the auction , Then the next vehicle starts the auction session . Click to enter the vehicle details page , Details of the vehicle , License plate 、 Frame number 、 Cause of vehicle damage and other information , You have everything .

Online auctions , Let the flow direction of hundreds of thousands of bubble cars surface .

Henan “ Bubble car ” Is being auctioned off at a low price

“ This one 180 car , We are still arranging the follow-up special auction .” Wang Dong, a staff member of a security center in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, told the car home , Although they are constantly preparing for a special auction , Still some can't keep up with the needs of bidders .

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『 some App Go to Henan bubble car auction information 』

In the special auction page , Car house found , One of the auctions was 180 A special auction of cars , Need to consume 3 Hours of time , To complete the auction . Some models in the auction , It also shows “ Parts quotation ”, Click to enter , The information and quotation of several bidding manufacturers are clear at a glance .

Bubble car , In the eyes of many people, it is worthless , The uncertainty of vehicle condition after soaking in water , It will also make many people turn pale . However , Its low price , It has attracted some car manufacturers and consumers to come one after another .

It is reported that , A car 2020 Nissan Qijun , The marked auction price is only 8.8 Ten thousand yuan ; A car 2016 New audi A6L, Low price as long as 11.2 Ten thousand yuan ; And one 2016 Style Peugeot 301, The marked low price is only 6000 element . It is worth mentioning that , The comparison of car market stories found that , The price of bubble car is much lower than that of conventional used car . Even one 2019 Nissan Qijun regular used car , The price is as high as 19.8 Ten thousand yuan . Again , A car 2016 New audi A6L Used cars are priced at 29.8 Ten thousand yuan .“ Such a cheap price , Attracted a lot of bidders .” Wang Dong said .

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『 Comparison between the auction price of bubble car and the price of conventional used car 』

According to a car auction website , end 8 month 9 Japan , They have finished Zhengzhou 、 xinxiang 、 Auction of nearly 10000 flooded vehicles in Anyang , At the same time, nearly 9 A special auction of flooded cars .“ We will also organize many special auctions in the future , Relevant information will be published on the website .” Zhang Min, a staff member of an auction website, told Auto Home .

that , What happened to the flooded car auction ? What is the relationship with the flow direction of the bubble car ?

“ The treatment method of blister car is mainly maintenance 、 resale 、 Scrap .” Liu Qiang, a used car dealer, introduced to auto home , The insurance company's loss assessment principle for bubble cars is “ Pay all that should be paid ”, A vehicle that can be repaired without affecting its continued use , The insurance company will advocate maintenance . And the maintenance price is much higher than its own value , The insurance company will decide “ Total loss ” Put on an auction . in other words , The fate of the bubble car , Or the owner can continue to use it after maintenance , Or resell it elsewhere , Or scrap . therefore , For vehicles that need to be resold , There is the above phenomenon of flooded car auction .

Liu Qiang told Auto Home , The industry mainly defines the bubble car as three grades : Immersion truck , That is, the water immersion trace reaches the bottom of the front seat sound system ; Bubble car , Water is usually injected into the engine , Or the water level exceeds the engine cover and enters the cockpit , The water level reaches the lower end of the traditional shift lever . Drowning car , It means that the water level is below the top of the vehicle .

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Car home has learned from various information , Of the three grades of blister , Only Zhengzhou , The number of immersion vehicles and soaking vehicles is expected to increase 35 Thousands of cars . According to Liu Qiang , After determining the loss , The insurance company will compensate the user , At the same time, you will also get the vehicle certificate , The insurance company will itself or entrust a third-party auction agency , Auction these cars .“ Of course , These vehicles no longer belong to the original owners , After obtaining the second-hand car sales qualification for it on behalf of the insurance company or agency company , Will participate in the auction .” Liu Qiang said .

During the auction , Autohome found bidders from all over the country , But these bidders are not individuals , But a qualified enterprise . Zhang Min explained to auto home ,“ According to the auction procedure , You are not allowed to participate in the auction as an individual , You have to have a used car 、 Only companies with business qualifications for accident vehicles and disassembled vehicles can participate in the auction .”

“ The profit of blister car disassembly is as high as 100%”

According to the data released by the Information Office of Henan provincial government , By 8 month 10 Japan , Vehicle insurance report due to rainstorm disaster 23.81 Thousands of pieces of , Estimated loss amount 63.9 One hundred million yuan , The compensation has been settled 13.5 Thousands of pieces of , Settled compensation 32.63 One hundred million yuan , Yes 22 The progress of auto insurance compensation of home property insurance company is more than half . Insiders estimate that , In the end, about one tenth of motor vehicles in Zhengzhou will be damaged by the disaster .

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therefore , The flow direction of a large number of blister cars in Henan , It has also become a matter of public concern . Liu Qiang told Auto Home ,“ Insurance compensation is an important source of funds for the disposal of blister vehicles , Therefore, the insurance company determines the flow direction of these vehicles to a great extent .”

Generally speaking , The maintenance time cost and economic cost of these bubble cars are relatively high , There are many subsequent disputes . for example : Although some vehicles can achieve appearance repair , But what happens involves motivation 、 Electric circuit “ Invisible fault ” The odds will increase significantly . therefore , For insurance companies , They will be right “ Bubble car ” Take constructive total loss , Then enter the auction process , In order to solve the problem quickly , Avoid long-term disputes , So as to reduce the expected cost .

“ The immersion car can also be used , The main reason is that the car chassis is blistered , After that, the rust has a certain impact on the chassis strength , But it will not affect driving safety .” Liu Qiang stressed , If the water level submerges to the lower edge of the steering wheel , The significance of future repair is not great . therefore , For vehicles that do not need to be repaired , Auction according to accessories , Is a relatively reasonable choice .

Synthesize the above views , Car house found , Bubble cars usually have two directions : First of all , After repair, it becomes a used car , Flow to the used car market , Sold to consumers . second , Is to disassemble the vehicle , Become all kinds of car dismantling parts , The user repairs other vehicles .

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From a car network 8 month 9 According to the information released on the th , Since the first auction of flooded vehicles in Henan , Vehicles sent from Zhengzhou have been transported all over the country . The receiving places are from Beijing 、 Wuhan, Hubei 、 Jinan, Shandong 、 Sichuan, Chengdu and other regions . It also means that , These flood washed vehicles , It has gradually spread all over the country . after , There will be more “ Bubble car ” Transfer to all parts of the country .

Why are so many bidders flocking ? The core is high profits . Liu Qiang told Auto Home , The price of the bubble car in the auction is very low , As long as there are channels , After repair, you can make money by selling used cars . Even the disassembled parts that flow to parts manufacturers and repair shops , It will also bring huge profits . According to the available data , If the repair shop uses disassembled parts for repair , The profit margin should be at least 50% above , Individual parts can even exceed 100%.

Do consumers need to worry about fraud ?

Of course , For consumers ,“ Bubble car ” Is it worth buying , And the fear of fraud .

“ Don't underestimate the market demand for bubble cars , Because the price is cheap , As long as the car is in good condition , Will be favored by many users .” Liu Qiang thinks , These bubble cars are cheap , It's really attractive to many consumers . After the flood in Henan , There are a lot of bubble cars , It also brings opportunities for many consumers to pick up leaks .

“ Is the bubble car worth buying , It depends on personal considerations . Some people are afraid that blister cars have sequelae , Some people think that as long as they can drive , Even a bubble car doesn't matter .” According to Liu Qiang ,“ A thousand readers, a thousand Hamlets ”.

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As for fraud , Will it become a stumbling block for consumers ? Car house found , From a legal perspective , Don't worry too much about . Liu Qiang also said , The bubble car is participating in the auction , The degree of flooding will be clearly written .“ Bidders can watch cars on site or in other forms , Then participate in the auction , There is generally no problem of fraud .”

For used cars that are sold again after repair , Operators also have the obligation to inform consumers . Wang Dong emphasized ,“ Our platform at auction , Will sign an agreement with the bidder , The repaired accident car , Inform the buyer of the accident situation before the vehicle is repaired . Of course , The situation of bubble car needs to be truthfully told to consumers .”

The same is true for car parts . When the owner goes to the repair shop for maintenance , If there are disassembly parts , The repair shop must be carried out with the knowledge of the owner , If the owner agrees to use the disassembled parts , The maintenance can be carried out normally . If the repair shop uses the disassembled parts without the owner's consent or knowledge , Will be suspected of fraud .

however , Although the provisions are very clear , Consumers also need “ Keep an eye on ”, Protection from fraud .( writing / Car home Li Zhengguang )

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