The shortage of chips caused Volkswagen fox to cancel the original vehicle machine configuration

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shortage chips caused volkswagen fox

[ Car home information ]  The current shortage of semiconductor production capacity leads to “ Chip shortage ” Is sweeping the world . But the so-called “ How bold people are , How much land is produced ”, The only way to deal with the chip shortage is to suspend the production line ? The Brazilian public obviously has their own ideas .

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According to a recent overseas media report , Brazilian Volkswagen recently announced : Because of the shortage of chips , Currently sold in the Brazilian market The public Fox( Parameters | inquiry ) models , The original multimedia entertainment system will be temporarily cancelled . Although it is based on the public PQ24 platform-built “ Old car ”, but 2021 Years. , People who don't even provide radio Fox Only one piece is equipped in the central control center “ Small blackboard ”.

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But officials continue to say , These do not provide entertainment systems Fox Prices will fall further , If the customer needs , Parts can be purchased separately from dealers . At the same time, the loudspeaker in the car was not “ castration ”, Provide dual speakers / Four speakers in two configurations .

I don't know what people think of this problem , But in China, a world away from Brazil , The entry-level model does not provide entertainment system, which can still be seen in the current domestic market , such as ......( The Odyssey / Fit : You can report our ID card directly !).( writing / Car home Ma Aijun )

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