Ford and SK innovation joint venture enter Europe

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ford sk innovation joint venture

[ Car home   information ]  We learned a few days ago , In order to continue to improve the cell capacity , Ford and SK Innovation The battery joint venture will enter the European market , But so far , We still don't know about the more detailed plant construction plan .

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In this year 5 month , Ford and SK Innovation Formed a joint venture , It is reported that , The company will build two factories in North America to produce cells and battery packs . According to the plan , The joint venture will be in 2025 Annual production , At that time, the annual capacity of the battery can reach 60 GWh, At the same time, it was reported that , These battery packs will be applied to more Ford brand pure electric vehicles in the future .

According to previous news , Ford plans to 2030 Have at least 240 GWh Cell capacity , More than half of the capacity will come from North America , The remaining capacity will come from other countries and regions in the world . That means , future , The joint venture may continue on the road of expansion , Set up factories in more countries and regions , To achieve the previous capacity plan .( writing / Car home Andy du )

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