Preview of mass production version of w16 new combat vehicle Bugatti bolide

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preview mass production version w16

[ Car home information ]  Bugatti announced that it would bring a new product during the upcoming Pebble Beach auto show , And released a preview . The picture reminds us of what it released last year Bolide( Parameters | inquiry ), It is expected that Bolide Mass production models .

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『 Bugatti Bolide Mass production preview 』

 Bugatti Bolide 2021 paragraph Concept

『 Bugatti Bolide At the end of the concept edition 』

In the Official Trailer , We saw the exaggerated matrix exhaust 、X Styling tail light 、 Huge tail vent and oversized tail diffuser , This is consistent with the previously released Bolide The concept car is the same . But there are many changes in the details , For example, the tail ventilation has richer internal details , Rectangle below exhaust LED Light group cancel , May change to vertical style ; The number of deflectors of the tail diffuser is determined by 5 Reduced to 3 individual , The area is slightly reduced . Besides , We can also see that this car will use a large number of exposed carbon fiber materials , Bring more visual impact .

 Bugatti Bolide 2021 paragraph Concept

 Bugatti Bolide 2021 paragraph Concept

『 Bugatti Bolide Concept version 』

Although previously released Bolide It's a concept version , But we don't expect that the overall shape of the final mass production model will change too much , The overall design of the car is different from other Bugatti models , Due to the more radical aerodynamic design , It's easy to think of F1 The car .

Dynamic part , The vehicle carrying 8.0T Four turbocharged W16 The engine , Maximum power up to 1850 horsepower , Maximum torque 1850 cattle ・ rice . meanwhile , The new car has made the ultimate weight reduction , So that the dry weight of the whole vehicle is only 1240 kg , This allows new cars to have 0.67 kg / The weight to power ratio of horsepower . in addition , Bugatti in order to make the new car perform better on the track , It is specially used for engine, gearbox and other power components , In particular, it increases the maximum speed of the engine . The above are the information parameters published when the concept car is released , It is expected that the mass production version will change .( writing / Car home haohappy )

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