Do you know how to use the air conditioner "rest" in Mercedes Benz

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know use air conditioner rest

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Speaking of Mercedes Benz's air conditioner , In fact, everyone is familiar with , A brief introduction , Several Mercedes Benz air conditioners ,.

Manual air conditioning , Comfortable air conditioner , Dual zone comfortable air conditioner , Three zone comfortable air conditioner , Generally, there are more waste heat functions on the three zone air conditioner


In the winter , If we stop temporarily on the road and wait , If the engine is turned off, the warm air will also stop working , If the engine is not shut down, it will consume a lot of fuel and pollute the environment , In the face of this problem, Mercedes Benz gives a solution to the function of parking waste heat .


In fact, many Mercedes Benz owners may not know that Mercedes Benz cars equipped with multi zone intelligent air conditioning have a name REST The function of , This ”REST“ Key controls a called ” Waste heat function “ Configuration of . When you stop and turn off , Through this REST The key can still turn on the heating air conditioner , It will use the residual temperature of the engine to continue to heat the car for half an hour , Then it will automatically close . This provides a very considerate service for many Mercedes Benz owners in winter when they stop for a short time .

imagine , When you stop and risk the cold to withdraw money from the bank or go to KFC Buy a hamburger , Press this... After flameout and power off REST key , After setting the temperature you want, lock the car and leave . When you go back to your car and open the door in half an hour , The warmth in the car is waiting for you , That's also a kind of happiness, isn't it ?

notes :

In fact, this is not the most important , Especially in summer , The biggest advantage of using the waste heat function often should be the air conditioning odor you care about , Because the air conditioner is turned on for a long time , It will cause water and moisture on the evaporation tank of the air conditioner , Easy to produce bacteria , Over time, it's like rotten food , Produce a pungent smell , This is also the reason why the air conditioner stinks , When you spend a lot of money on cleaning at this time , It's too late , A large number of bacteria have been sucked into your stomach by yourself, family and friends , So often use “REST” It is necessary to function or use warm air to blow the air conditioner .

1: This function is available in the front and rear , Drive alone in the front or rear , The waste heat function can be turned on 30 minute , If the front row and the rear row drive together , That can only open 15 minute .

2: This function conveys natural wind in summer , In winter, it will deliver hot air heated by the residual temperature of the engine .

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