Xu Jiayin, the richest man, is also short of money

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xu jiayin richest man short

[ Car home   industry ]  8 month 10 Friday night , millet 10 Anniversary , Lei Jun's annual speech broadcast live online has set off “ Screen brushing tide ”. At the other end of the live broadcast “ Rice noodles ” We didn't wait for any new progress on Xiaomi's car making , On the other side , The heavy news of Evergrande selling assets is like thunder on the ground .

China Evergrande announced that , The company is contacting several potential independent third-party investors , Discuss the sale of some of the company's assets , Including but not limited to the sale of part of the interests of China Evergrande New Energy Vehicle Group Co., Ltd. and Evergrande Property Group Co., Ltd., the listed subsidiaries of the company .

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“ sell ” Two words are particularly eye-catching , Because of the 8 month 9 Sunday night , Evergrande automobile issued a profit warning announcement , It is estimated that the net loss in the first half of this year will be about 48 One hundred million yuan , About twice the same period last year .

How much money does it cost to build a car , Maybe even Xu Jiayin, chairman of the board of directors of Evergrande group, who is rich and powerful , You have to reconsider .

“ Lack of money is certain , Because the plate of Evergrande is too big , At present, the automobile sector has no real income . Some time ago, even social recruitment stopped , Issued OFFER I also told you not to come .” An employee of Evergrande automobile disclosed to auto home , Evergrande officials also responded , Just sell some equity .“ The car still needs to be built , Evergrande group has many valuable projects , It's far from the point of changing the seller's property .”

Keep your car on the ground

“ I'm a workshop director from , Ten years in manufacturing . I have confidence in making cars .” 1982 year , Xu Jiayin, who has just graduated from University, entered Wuyang Iron and steel plant , It's been ten years . Perhaps it is the work experience in the front line of the workshop in these ten years , Let Xu Jiayin believe , In addition to the label of the richest man in real estate , I also have the feelings and aspirations of industrial rejuvenation .2020 year , Visiting Evergrande Shanghai 、 Two major production bases in Guangzhou , Xu Jiayin sighed ,“ Now I'm back to 28 Years ago , I feel like a workshop director in Wugang !”

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since “ Room for not stir ” Since the positioning is clear , It is imperative to deleverage the real estate industry . The liquidity crunch brought by this process is easy to lead to the contraction of enterprise credit supply , Even the risk of debt default , Therefore, the current real estate industry is facing great pressure . Under the millions of consumer real estate, there are only 100000 consumer industries , Among them, the new energy vehicle industry in the tuyere has broken into the sight of many real estate developers , such as , Huaxia happiness, who once joined the United new energy 、 Baoneng group, which controls Guanzhi automobile, and huaichui “ Car dream ” Evergrande group .

It costs money to build a car , be known to all . A Evergrande car that hasn't been sold yet , Huge losses without gains , It's not hard to understand . Evergrande Auto's internal staff told Auto Home , At present, almost all of Evergrande's expenses come from the revenue of Evergrande's real estate sector . One “ Open secrets ”―― The whole Evergrande group is close to 9 10000 employees , Just rely on the real estate group to sell houses 、 Recover funds to support .

“ Every employee of Evergrande has to help sell the house , The company explained ,‘ They pay you all , Is it abnormal to sell a house to others ? In the future, the sales department will help us sell cars ’.”

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『 henci 1』

A commercial bill is a commercial bill , Issued by the drawer , The entrusted payer shall pay the payee or the current holder according to the face amount on the specified date , Legal requirements , When the acceptance bill is due , The acceptor shall pay the bill unconditionally .

Access to public information reveals , All over the country , It is common that Evergrande group failed to cash the commercial ticket in time, resulting in work stoppage . Due to the project payment owed to the construction party , zhengzhou 、 Hefei 、 Henan 、 jiangsu 、 Work stoppage occurred in Shenzhen and other places . In addition to the commercial ticket problem , Public data display , By 2020 end of the year , Evergrande auto loan 7165 One hundred million yuan , Loans due within one year 3355 One hundred million yuan , The capital chain is under great pressure .

“ We all know , The corporate debt problem is serious , So it's not surprising to see the news of the sale of shares . When the car is mass produced , Evergrande automobile will become an independent automobile group . By then , Profits and losses are borne by themselves , It's too late to find another investor .” An internal employee of Evergrande automobile said .

One side is short of money While burning money

at present , Evergrande has Shanghai 、 Guangzhou 、 Three major production bases in Tianjin . More than a dozen bases originally planned to be built , Basically give up halfway , This has become what the outside world likes to talk about “ Fake cars , Really enclosure ” The question of .

If we look at Evergrande with the logic of traditional car manufacturing enterprises , Xu Jiayin is obviously a “ A layman ”.

“ Evergrande is different , The car hasn't been finalized yet , Building first . This is much like the logic of real estate developers , First build a house and then finish decoration .” One person familiar with the matter said .

These production bases , At present, almost all of them deal with the existence of visits .“ Because of the payment schedule , The factory has basically been built , But some projects are not finished . At present, the machine moves when someone visits the whole factory , It's like building a car .” Evergrande Auto's internal staff told Auto Home .

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even so , Evergrande's treatment to employees is still higher than the industry average .“ I'm not sure about other people's wages , But when I came here , The salary doubled .” The above employees revealed that ,“ Greening in the company , It's been over and over several times before , The bricks on the factory pavement have also been changed back and forth , Employees drink Evergrande ice spring . Business within the group , Can digest by themselves .”

Although the car hasn't really been built yet , But Evergrande has outlined a beautiful blueprint for the future .“ In the future, Evergrande Sales Department will help us sell cars , The store saved a lot . Besides , Evergrande is building an intelligent ecosystem , Cover super 1000 Multiple communities and 1200 More than 10000 owners … After the car was built , It's still a little competitive .” An internal employee of Evergrande said .

Car making Sincerity Geometry ?

However ,“ One pigeon after another ” When will your new car go on sale , Is what the outside world is most concerned about .

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According to Liu yongzhuo, President of Evergrande automobile , Evergrande plans to start trial production in the fourth quarter of this year , Start large-scale delivery next year .“ henci 1 The progress may be a little faster , Other cars will be mass produced at the end of the year , I feel suspended .” A technician from Evergrande automobile told Auto Home .“ At present, it is only in the sample vehicle stage , The parts provided by the supplier are also supplied to the sample vehicle , Because the quantity is small , The costs are high . It is estimated that by the end of this year , henci 1 Hehengchi 6 There will be a hundred sample cars , For exhibition hall 、 Auto Show 、 Road test, etc .”

And in the beginning , Evergrande group spent tens of billions of yuan to integrate the automobile industry chain , The battery of carnet in Japan , Netherlands e-Traction And the UK Protean Hub motor technology, etc , It doesn't seem to have built a car for Evergrande “ Empower ”.

“ Cooperation with many parts enterprises , Just signing intention , They should match according to mass production . Because of the money , Some suppliers' projects have stalled .” The technician of Evergrande automobile said with emotion ,“ Evergrande's corporate culture is absolute obedience , There are often laymen in charge of professionals , This also leads to the slow progress of many things in disguise . We'd like more investors to come in , Maybe things will change then .”

Cao Dewang, the king of glass, once lamented , New energy vehicles are too expensive , If you are Xu Jiayin , That might succeed . However , Developers build cars , Because there are many collisions with the law of automobile development , It has always been regarded as a barbarian's entry into the automobile industry “ sample ”. If you take this opportunity , Evergrande can get rid of “ Real estate car making ” Pattern , Maybe it's also a good thing .( writing / Car home Zhang Lingxiao )

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