Official announcement: Foxconn starts mass production of electric vehicles in 2023

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official announcement foxconn starts mass

[ Car home   information ]  8 month 12 Japan , Hon Hai Group Chairman Liu Yangwei announced Hon Hai Group's electric vehicle production plan : Hon Hai will 2023 In, mass production of electric vehicles began in the United States and Thailand , It is expected that the electric vehicle business will grow significantly next year . Besides , Hon Hai will also build auto factories in different regions, including the United States .

In the field of electric vehicles , Foxconn will through the company's unique business model , Provide customers with vertically integrated services , From design 、 Spare parts 、 From manufacturing to regional cooperation , Meet various needs of the car factory .

It is reported that , Hon Hai Group has formed a team of thousands of people in the direction of automobile related industries , At present, there are still a large number of recruitment for related businesses , The future is expected in electric vehicles 、 There will be more than 1000 people in the business direction of semiconductors .

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As early as 2020 By the end of year , Foxconn revealed that it will enter the electric vehicle market , And released MIH Electric modular platform , The platform will provide key electric vehicle parts production services for automobile enterprises , Applicable to all brands and models . It is reported that ,MIH The platform mainly provides three cooperation modes , Including vehicle OEM 、 Provide chassis and appearance and sell platform technology to car enterprises . According to Foxconn's plan , It will be in 2025-2027 Years for the world 10% Supply parts or services for electric vehicles .

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In addition to releasing the electric vehicle OEM platform , Foxconn also has a layout in the field of chips . This year, 8 month 5 Japan , Foxconn signed a contract with chip maker wanghong electronics , With 25.2 Billion new Taiwan dollar ( About us 5.86 RMB ) The price for the acquisition of the latter's six inch wafer plant and equipment . After acquiring this chip factory , Foxconn will be used to develop and produce third-generation semiconductors , Especially for electric vehicles SIC Power element .

At the beginning of the year , Foxconn also spent money to save Baiteng , Nanjing Futeng New Energy Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. was established , The registered capital is about 3.23 RMB 100 million , It involves the research and development of auto parts 、 Auto parts and accessories manufacturing . Foxconn will provide manufacturing technology for Baiteng automobile 、 Operation management experience and industrial chain resources , Accelerate the first model of Baiteng automobile M-Byte Mass production of .

Hon Hai and Foxconn move one after another , It is not only intended to accumulate resources for its electric vehicle business , Some analysts also believe that they are actively preparing for Apple auto OEM , As Apple's closest partner in the digital industry , Some people in the industry believe that Foxconn is likely to win Apple auto OEM .( compile / Car home Wang Jingbo )

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