Yulouchun: Sun Junhao is clearly in love with Yao dizhu. Why do you always refuse her? Because of the lessons learned

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yulouchun sun junhao clearly love

Introduction :《 Yulouchun 》 Sun Junhao is clearly in love with Yao dizhu , Why always refuse her ? Because of the lessons learned

By White Deer 、 Starring Wang Yizhe 《 Yulouchun 》 It's on the air , In the play , The four sons of the sun family , Except that sun Yulou is infatuated , In fact, there is another one , He is sun Junhao, the second son of the sun family , Because falling in love with someone , And fall in love with a city , Greater than sun Yulou's love .

In the play , Sun Junhao and Yao dizhu are on their way to twilight city , Sun Junhao saved Yao dizhu many times , They fell in love with each other over time , Love each other , But Sun Junhao hid his love for Yao dizhu in his heart , And repeatedly refused Yao dizhu , Always extrapolate Yao dizhu , Drive her home .

Sun Junhao refused Yao dizhu more than 3 Time , for the first time , Sun Junhao saw Yao dizhu acting like Meng Lang in the street , Just drop out .

The second time , Sun Junhao found a fake to replace him , Send Yao dizhu away , However, Yao dizhu still doesn't give up .

third time , Sun Junhao deliberately seeks pleasure from the girl , Deliberately angry away Yao dizhu , Yao dizhu had already seen through sun Junhao , Start fighting back against sun Junhao .

The fourth time , It's also a more cruel and heartless time , He said to Yao dizhu :“ You can marry whoever you like , Even a peddler and pawn , It should be your life , It has nothing to do with me ”. And Yao dizhu still doesn't give up .

Originally, sun Junhao almost showed his heart to Yao dizhu , I didn't expect the bandits to burn, kill and loot again , Sun Junhao hesitated , What I just confessed to Yao dizhu didn't go out after all .

Sun Junhao has clearly fallen in love with Yao dizhu , Why always refuse her ? Can't sun Junhao really let go of the dead Qu linger ? Although because of falling in love with Qu linger , To guard Twilight , Protect the land she loves , But since the emergence of Yao dizhu , Sun Junhao has completely put down the past , Yao dizhu is deeply in love .

So there's only one reason , Because of the lessons learned , He was afraid that Yao dizhu would end up like Qu linger , I'm afraid Yao dizhu was also killed by bandits , After all, the bandits have been eyeing Yao dizhu , Besides, , Sun Junhao is afraid that the female owner with her will be unfortunate , There are two in front , Because of my deep love for Yao dizhu , I care about her , Don't want her to get hurt , So I pushed him out again and again .

To make a long story short , Unfortunately, sun Junhao underestimated Yao dizhu's love for him , Even if sun Junhao is cruel and heartless , Yao dizhu never left , Once Yao dizhu falls in love with someone , Never let go , Unless that man has a heart . She is loved by everyone 、 Dare to love and hate , Yao dizhu with free and easy personality .

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