Foxconn may start building electric vehicle factories in the United States next year

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foxconn start building electric vehicle

8 month 13 Japan news : According to Nikkei Asia , Foxconn, one of Apple's largest suppliers, said , Construction of all electric vehicle plants in the United States and Thailand will begin this year , We hope to 2023 Put into operation in .

The report says , Foxconn said on Thursday , It is planned to build electric vehicle manufacturing plants in the United States and Thailand next year , Because Foxconn hopes to speed up its efforts to catch up with the rising wave of electric vehicles , To offset the slowdown in the smartphone industry .

Nikkei Asia learned , Foxconn has ruled out Mexico as a site , But negotiations are under way with three states in the United States , To establish its first electric vehicle manufacturing plant in North America . Including Wisconsin , The state has just reached an agreement with Foxconn , Modify its previous investment in the State 100 A billion dollar plan .

At the beginning , Foxconn will use American factories for its customers Fisker Make a car , In the future, it is also possible to expand manufacturing services to serve Apple .

There have been more messages before , Apple is developing its own car , And is thought to be looking for a third-party company to help it launch Apple Car. A report has suggested that Foxconn is a potential candidate for Apple's auto production , But apple is also looking for other possible suppliers . As report goes , Apple is committed to ensuring that Apple Car The batteries used in are made in the United States .