Zhao Ming, CEO of glory, responded whether to get involved in car making: only when the mobile phone is absolutely ahead will it be considered

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zhao ming ceo glory responded

8 month 13 Daily news : Yesterday evening , Glory officially released Magic3 series , The version is equipped with 6.76 Inch 89 Degree surface OLED The screen ,120Hz The refresh rate , The chip is equipped with Qualcomm 888Plus processor , The four camera rear camera group includes 6400 Megapixel black and white camera and 6400 Megapixel periscope telephoto camera , The battery is 4600 Ma , Support 66w Cable quick charge and 50w Wireless charging , Support 3D ToF Face unlocking , And it is the first product of Xiaolong platform to support digital RMB .

glory CEO Zhao Ming said in an interview that , Glory future financing channels will be diversified , Do not rule out listing at the right opportunity in the future . But at present, it is more important to build future oriented core competence , The glorious team will not pursue overnight wealth . Future glory continues to be open , Cooperate with global industrial chain . Huawei no longer holds any shares after selling glory .

Rumors about whether glory will get involved in cars , glory CEO Zhao Ming responded , Only by taking the absolute lead in consumer businesses such as mobile phones , Will consider other areas .

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