Ningde times plans to raise 58.2 billion yuan for seven projects

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ningde times plans raise billion

[ Car home   information ]  recently , Issued by Ningde era 《 To issue shares to specific objects 》, It is proposed to raise no more than 582 One hundred million yuan , Turn to 7 A project .

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The company announced that it plans to raise more funds 582 One hundred million , among 419 Billion yuan is planned for a total of 137GWh Power storage battery and 30GWh Energy storage cabinet project , Including Fuding era 60GWh、 Guangdong Ruiqing times 30GWh、 Jiangsu times 30GWh、 Ningde Jiaocheng era 15GWh Battery and pack The production line 、 Ningde era West Lake ( Phase two )2GWh Battery and 30GWH Energy storage cabinet project .

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Ningde times means , The new energy vehicle industry has ushered in unprecedented development opportunities , The global power battery industry is about to enter “TWh(1TWh=1000GWh)” Time . meanwhile , The energy storage market has great potential , It will drive the rapid growth of energy storage lithium battery market . Besides , The R & D project is proposed to be invested by raising funds 70 One hundred million yuan , Supplementary working capital is proposed to be raised and invested 93 One hundred million yuan .

expect 2021 By the end of the year, the company's production capacity will reach about 200GWh, This addition 137GWh The project is expected to be completed in the future 2-3 It will be gradually implemented within the year , Accordingly, it is expected that the company 2021/2022 By the end of the year, the sole proprietorship capacity will reach about 200/320GWh,2025 Expected to exceed 600GWh. Besides , Of the funds raised this time 70 Billion yuan will be used for advanced technology R & D and application projects , In the last round of fixed increase, this input is only 20 One hundred million yuan , Highlight the company's emphasis on R & D innovation , It will also further enhance the company's R & D capability , Keep the leading position in the industry .

Ningde times revealed that it is developing the next generation CTC technology (Cell to Chassis, A technique for directly integrating an electric cell into a chassis ), Ningde Times said :“ The company's CTP Technology can integrate the cell directly into the battery pack , Save the battery module assembly process , Reduce the manufacturing cost of power battery , Effectively improve the range and economy of electric vehicles . The company is studying the next generation CTC technology , Based on the integration of cell and chassis , Then integrate the motor 、 Electronic control and other automotive components , Further reduce battery manufacturing costs , Increase the mileage of new energy vehicles .”

According to Ningde times GGII data 2020 The global power battery shipment in was 186GWh, Year-on-year increase 45.3%;2021 year 1~6 Global power battery shipments in January were 145GWh, Year-on-year growth 63.6%. According to Ningde times 2020 The annual report , Its power battery 2020 The annual capacity is 69.1GWh, The capacity under construction is 77.5GWh.

Ningde times analysis said :“ It is a general trend for new energy vehicles to replace fuel vehicles ,GGII expect 2025 The global penetration rate of new energy vehicles will increase to 20% above , Power battery shipments will reach 1100GWh, Step into TWh Time , future 5 The compound annual growth rate can reach 42.7%. The power battery industry is growing rapidly , Industrial concentration has been further improved , Leading enterprises in the industry will benefit more .”

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2020 In, the effective catalogue of new energy vehicle models published by the Ministry of industry and information technology totaled 6800 The rest of the models , Among them, the power batteries matched by Ningde times are 3400 The rest of the models , About 50%, It is the power battery manufacturer with the most supporting models . Li Bin, the founder of Weilai automobile, is in 2021 year Q2 The earnings call said , The demand for batteries will increase significantly next year , At present, we will take Ningde times as the main partner , The two sides are talking about battery supply .

According to the data of China Automotive Power Battery Industry Innovation Alliance ,7 Before the loading volume of domestic power battery enterprises in January 5 Well known : Ningde era (50.1%)、 BYD (16.8%)、 AVIC lithium (6.8%)、 GuoXuan high tech (5.5%)、 Yiwei lithium energy (2.5%).

For the energy storage market , Ningde times means , With the development of wind storage at home and abroad 、 Optical storage 、UPS The implementation of policies in energy storage and other energy storage fields has been strengthened , And global 5G The commercialization speed is further improved , The rise of energy Internet will continue to drive the demand of energy storage market , The energy storage market will usher in a stage of rapid development .( compile / Car home Guo Chen )

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