After Huo Zun, the guest of brother overturned again? The official named hot dog, and its exclusive version was taken off the stage

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huo zun guest brother overturned

13 Japan , Found by netizens , After Huo Zun's exclusive performance video was taken off the shelf ,《 My brother 》 The program then took off the exclusive stage of hot dog .

It is reported that ,8 month 12 Afternoon of , The network culture working committee of China Cultural Management Association issued a document , Challenge participation 《 My brother 》 Guest: is there any illegal behavior in hot dogs , Ask the program group and the media to verify , At present, this blog post is suspected to have been deleted . The network culture working committee of China Cultural Management Association posted hot dogs in 2008 News interviewed in , In interviews , Hot dogs admit that they have a two-year history of drug abuse .

Screenshots show , Hot dogs used to 08 In, he exposed himself to taking drugs for two years , Take it twice a week , And write songs to persuade others not to indulge . The song is called 《 poison 》, The lyrics sing :“ Once I was lost , I know your pain , Drugs and gambling are a way to keep you from returning .” The lyrics mean persuading people to touch drugs by mistake , The song also revealed that he was lost , During the interview, I also admitted 10 College years ago , He has been planted in the drug world for nearly two years , Once a drug addict .

Regarding this , Netizens have questioned 《 My brother 》 The program team is not qualified in artist audit ,“ The hot dog thing is not a day or two ”、“ As the producer , Contact artists should investigate the background and past events ”.

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