Phase I production capacity of 300000 Dongfeng IGBT modules to achieve mass production

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phase production capacity dongfeng igbt

[ Car home   information ] In recent days, , We learned from Dongfeng Motor official that , Dongfeng self research IGBT New products have achieved mass production , It is reported that since the official launch of mass production , At present, Zhixin semiconductor IGBT The production line has completely entered the fully automated production process , The first batch of offline IGBT modular , Will be carried in Dongfeng Fengshen 、 Lan Tu and other models . At present, the daily mass production of each shift is stable at 150 Only about . According to the plan , The annual production capacity of phase I of Zhixin semiconductor 30 Ten thousand only , After the completion of phase II, the annual production capacity 120 Ten thousand only .

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IGBT( Insulated gate bipolar transistor ) It is a composite fully controlled voltage driven power semiconductor device , And MOSFET( Metal - Oxide semiconductor field effect transistor ) Functions are similar , Higher controllable voltage range . It is the core component of the electric system of new energy vehicles , It can directly control the AC / DC conversion of the whole vehicle 、 Core indicators such as power regulation .

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At present , China's vehicle regulation level IGBT About global market share 30% above , Medium and high end IGBT The mainstream device market is monopolized by European, American and Japanese enterprises ,IGBT The external dependence of products is close to 95%. Dongfeng and CRRC 2019 year 6 Joint venture established in June , Smart Semiconductor Co., Ltd , Start to independently develop and produce vehicle specification level IGBT Chip module , It aims to break the gap between European, American and Japanese enterprises in the middle and high-end market IGBT Market monopoly . since 7 month 7 Since the official launch of mass production on August ,IGBT The production line is running well , At present, the daily output of each shift is stable at 150 Only about .( writing / Car home Guo Chen )

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