Weilai will push the new brand to compete with Tesla, and the price may be lower than model 3

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weilai push new brand compete

8 month 12 Morning and morning , Wei Lai automobile Founder Li Bin is in 2021 On the telephone conference of the second quarter financial report of the fiscal year, it said , Weilai will enter... Through a new brand The public market , Relevant preparations have been accelerated , And has established a core team .

“ Although it is a mass market , But we won't enter Wuling Agatsuma Parameters picture )MINI EV The market of .NIO The relationship between the brand and the new brand is similar to lexus And Toyota 、 Audi and Volkswagen .” Li Bin talked about , The Volkswagen brand to be launched by Weilai automobile hopes to be lower than Tesla in price , But the experience will surpass the latter . So far , The average selling price of Weilai car in the sales model is 40 Ten thousand yuan or so , Much higher than Tesla , And the launch of a new mass brand , It means that Weilai will compete head-on with Tesla , And now Tesla Model 3 The price of has entered 25 Ten thousand yuan of the following .

Besides , Weilai automobile will be in... Next year NIO The brand launched an entry-level model , This will be the lowest priced model of Weilai brand . Besides , Li Bin also said at the telephone conference ,2022 Nian Weilai will deliver, including ET7 Three of them are based on NT2.0 New models of technology platform , However, he did not disclose the details of the other two new cars .

The first financial reporter learned earlier that , The internal code of the entry-level model to be launched by Weilai automobile next year is Gemini, Its Chinese name is “ Gemini ”, According to the current pricing of Weilai automobile models , The price of this new car may be in 30 Ten thousand yuan or so . This year, 5 month 10 Japan , Issued by Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co., Ltd 《Gemini Final assembly and chassis assembly of flexible technical transformation project of vehicle production line AGV Modification bidding announcement 》 Show , The planned annual capacity of this car is 6 Thousands of cars . The reporter also learned exclusively , At present, jianglai advanced manufacturing technology, a joint venture between Weilai automobile and Jianghuai Automobile ( anhui ) Co., LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as “ Jianglai automobile ”) Personnel recruitment is in progress , Or prepare for mass production models to be delivered next year , At the same time, JAC's annual production capacity will be expanded to 24 Thousands of cars .

Weilai automobile is trying to expand the market scale through a variety of models . In the second quarter of this year , The company delivered a total of new cars 21896 car , Year-on-year growth 111.9%, rose 9.2%, Although it still ranks first among the new forces of car making , but 7 The delivery data of the month is released , The total delivery volume of Weilai automobile is 7931 car , Lower than the ideal car 8589 And Xiaopeng's car 8040 car .

Weilai automobile once told reporters ,7 The temporary lag in monthly delivery is due to the capacity constraints of the supply chain , According to the company's estimate , In the third quarter, its delivery volume will reach 2.3 ten thousand ~2.5 Thousands of cars , rose 5.5%~14.2%. however , Horizontal contrast , The ideal car currently has only the ideal one A model , And Wei Lai has launched 3 A mass production model . Although the average sales price of Weilai car exceeds that of ideal car , But even if the annual delivery breakthrough 10 Thousands of cars , Such a scale still can't make Weilai automobile achieve better cost sharing and profitability .

The second quarter results released by Weilai automobile show that , The company's second quarter revenue was 84.5 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 127%; The gross profit margin in the second quarter was 18.6%, The gross profit margin of vehicle sales reaches 20.3%. Although the gross profit margin increased , But the company is still losing money . data display , Weilai's net loss in the second quarter was 5.87 One hundred million yuan , In the first quarter 4.51 Billion yuan increased 1.36 One hundred million yuan . Besides , Weilai's R & D expenditure 8.8 One hundred million yuan , rose 28.7%; The cash reserve is 483.2 One hundred million yuan .

“ We attach great importance to the improvement of our market share in the segment , At the high end SUV market , Our share has surpassed Audi 、 Some BMW models , In some markets, such as Shanghai's high-end SUV market , Our market share has broken through 14%.” Li Bin talked about . Although the existing models have achieved good performance in the medium and high-end market , But he also said , With the global popularity of electric vehicles, it began to reach the critical point , Weilai automobile believes that it is necessary to speed up the introduction of new products , Provide more high-end intelligent electric vehicles .

data display , This year, 7 month , Domestic new energy vehicle sales 27.1 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 164.4%, Before this year 7 Months , Cumulative sales of new energy vehicles 147.8 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 197.1%, Market penetration has reached 14% about . Besides , With the acceleration of the European new energy vehicle market and the support of the U.S. government for new energy vehicles , New energy vehicles all over the world have begun to enter the stage of rapid development .

In order to form market competitive advantage , Weilai automobile will increase technical investment . Li Bin said , In the third quarter, Weilai's R & D expenses will increase rapidly , The annual R & D expenses will reach 50 One hundred million yuan , At present, the key is to increase the scale of R & D team , By the end of the year, the number of personnel will double that of the beginning of the year . In autonomous driving , The team related to automatic driving of Weilai automobile is currently in 500 Left and right , It will increase to... By the end of the year 800 Human size , At present, the new generation of the company NAD The automatic driving system is being developed .

Li Bin also talked about , The third quarter will be a great challenge for Weilai automobile , These challenges come from the rebound of the epidemic in China and the impact of the floods in Germany on the supply chain , However, the company will further expand its power exchange network 、 Increase service and sales coverage .

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