Bankruptcy liquidation of 21 related enterprises such as Jinhua youth automobile

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bankruptcy liquidation related enterprises jinhua

[ Car home information ]  2019 year , The youth automobile group claimed to use “ Water hydrogen engine ”, Just add water to drive the car , Arousing wide public attention . today , Jinhua youth automobile declared bankruptcy .

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According to the ruling of Jinhua intermediate people's court , Jinhua yaman Vehicle Co., Ltd 、 Jinhua olan Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd 、 Youth automobile group Jinhua commercial vehicle purchase and sales Co., Ltd 、 Jinhua youngman Automobile Co., Ltd 21 The related enterprises of Jinhua youth automobile group are incorporated into the substantive merger and bankruptcy liquidation , Creditors of the above substantially merged bankrupt company ( Except creditors who have declared creditor's rights to Jinhua youth Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd ) stay 2021 year 9 month 10 Declare creditor's rights to the bankruptcy administrator a few days ago .

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And the most well-known youth car , It announced the development of a hydrogen fuel vehicle that can run only with water .

stay 2017 year 8 month 21 Japan , Pang Qingnian is known as , The world's first water hydrogen fuel vehicle was born in the youth car ;5 month 23 Japan ,“ Water hydrogen engine ” Once again in public view , Pang Qingnian explained , A water storage tank is installed on the roof of the youth water hydrogen fuel vehicle , Of the in car conversion device “ Special catalyst ” Water can be converted into hydrogen , Hydrogen is fed into the hydrogen fuel reactor to generate electric energy to drive the on-board motor , So the car doesn't have to refuel , It doesn't have to be charged , Just add water , The range of the vehicle can exceed 500km, Cars can reach 1000km Range of .

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『 The picture is from 《 Nanyang News Network 》』

“ Water hydrogen engine ” How true is , I believe that everyone knows that , A number of automotive industry experts also said , Give Way 1 Kilograms of water are separated into hydrogen and oxygen , When the efficiency reaches 100% In this case, about 4.4 Energy per kilowatt hour , and 1 The total energy of hydrogen produced by kg of water is calculated according to calorific value, that is, about 4.4 Energy per kilowatt hour , And considering the efficiency of water decomposition , And fuel cell conversion efficiency (40-60%), This is a business that cannot make ends meet .( compile / Car home haohappy )

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