The new Kia Jiahua will appear at the Chengdu auto show. Who will it compete with? How much will it cost?

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new kia jiahua appear chengdu

MPV It's English “Multi-Purpose Vehicle” Abbreviation , It means multi-purpose vehicle , It evolved from a station wagon , In China “ Business Purpose Vehicle ” Is the most widely known , With the increasing demand of domestic consumers for multi person travel ,MPV Models have also ushered in a period of rapid development , It also belongs to the key market segments of major automobile enterprises , For example, Dongfeng Yueda Kia has introduced a new Ka Wah , And will 2021 At Chengdu auto show .

The new Kia Jiahua is based on the third generation i-GMP Platform to build , Positioning medium and large scale MPV, The appearance design of the new car adopts Kia's latest family design language , The overall line is relatively strong , The front air grille is decorated with dot matrix chrome plated decorative elements , It looks more classy and fashionable , The headlamp unit adopts split design , Looks very personal , The shape of daytime running lamp and turn signal lamp is very elegant , It also enhances the youth of the vehicle .

The side of the new Kia Jiahua body adopts a large number of straight and strong lines , Makes the body look very slender , The new car also has a suspended roof design , And in C The column is joined by a silver veneer with a diamond texture , It makes the car less heavy , More sense of fashion . Body size , The length, width and height of the new Kia Jiahua are 5155/1995/1795mm, The wheelbase 3090mm. The rear design is very full , More horizontal lines are used , distinct , The shape of through tail lamp is more traditional , But the lamp cavity structure has a sense of design , When lit, the recognition is very high , The hidden wiper can also improve the simplicity of the rear of the car .

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