Dongcheng Xicao Hongmiao application for lease withdrawal and start signing! These two projects will also be launched

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dongcheng xicao hongmiao application lease

8 month 25 The morning of , Start signing of phase I project of applying for rent withdrawal and restorative construction of Xicao Hongmiao block, Dongcheng District . The first phase of the project involves 96 A courtyard 、321 Household residents , Residents can voluntarily apply for rent refund , Improve living conditions . Next , Dongcheng District will also launch the application type rent Withdrawal Project of Jingshan and West headquarters block in Huangcheng district .

Xicao Hongmiao block is located in the northwest of the temple of heaven , The construction of the block has a long history , Living facilities are backward . Resident sun Jiwu is a family of five , To live in 16 In a square meter house , Already living 20 many years .“ Small living area 、 No toilet , A rainy season , Running back and forth , We are all looking forward to improving our living conditions as soon as possible .” Sun Jiwu said .

This is the first phase of the application type rent withdrawal and restorative construction project of Xicao Hongmiao block , It is located on the west side of the whole block of xicaohong temple , North to Zhushikou East Street , South to Temple of Heaven Road , West to Qianmen South Street , East to the East Street of Xicao city , involve 96 A courtyard 、321 Household residents . Beijing Jingcheng group Chongxi Housing Management Co., Ltd. is determined by Dongcheng District government to be responsible for the implementation of .

since 7 month 26 Since the release notice was posted on the th , After a month of household policy publicity , existing 160 More than households submit information to complete the pre application .8 month 26 solstice 9 month 25 Date is the signing date of the project . Zhao Peng, executive director of Jingcheng group Chongxi Housing Management Co., Ltd., said , This application for rent withdrawal follows “ Residents voluntarily 、 Equal consultation 、 Fair and open 、 Moderate improvement ” In principle . Residents within the scope of implementation can apply for rent withdrawal after completing relevant procedures . Monetary compensation is adopted for the project , The amount of compensation for the leased house shall be determined according to the total market value of the leased house minus the replacement price of the house , Eligible residents can apply for CO ownership housing or public rental housing . The docked houses with common property rights are initiated by Daxing District · Meilan Bay project and Dougezhuang project in Chaoyang District .

To avoid people gathering , Ensure that the epidemic prevention and control work is in place , The applicant who withdraws the lease in the project will use the wechat applet to determine the signing order . The implementation subject will conduct wechat applet operation training for residents in batches , The leaseback applicant shall complete the online leaseback application , Determine the signing order , The on-site signing shall be carried out according to the signing sequence and time periods . stay 8 month 25 The morning of , Sun Jiwu applied for an appointment signing number .

After the lease withdrawal is completed , Xicao Hongmiao block will be protected according to the requirements of the old city style , Carry out protective repairs 、 Urban renewal such as restorative construction and comprehensive environmental improvement . This phase I project is only the first step in the renewal of Xicao Hongmiao block . To 2022 year 10 month , It will also start the application for rent withdrawal and restorative construction in other areas of the block .

Wang Na, chief of the workshop repair section directly under the housing and Urban Rural Development Commission of Dongcheng District, said , This year, Dongcheng District has successively launched four rent withdrawal projects , Around the bell and Drum Tower 、 Three well area 、 The courtyard around the Forbidden City and the phase I project of Xicao Hongmiao block, which is about to enter the signing stage . In the near future , Dongcheng District will also start two projects of Huangcheng Jingshan and xizongbu block . After the lease withdrawal is completed , All projects will strictly comply with the requirements for the protection of the style and features of the old city , Carry out protective repairs 、 Urban renewal such as restorative construction . While paying attention to the inheritance of history and culture, we will make up for the shortcomings of residents' living supporting facilities , Fully stimulate the vitality of the block , Realize the organic integration of improving residents' living environment and block protection and renewal , Let the people in the bungalow area of the old city have more sense of gain .

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