Still watching Sagitar? FAW Toyota's new car may be more suitable for you

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watching sagitar faw toyota new

A netizen in the message area asked ,“17 Ten thousand yuan budget , I'm going to buy a joint venture car , Are there any other models available besides Sagitar ?” You bet ,17 The price is about 10000 yuan , Sagitar is definitely a benchmark product . however , This Japanese car recommended by the author today , Strength will never lose, Sagitar , It is FAW Toyota Asian lion .

The Asian lion is positioned between Carola and the Asian Dragon , be based on TNGA Architecture to create , It makes up for the gap of FAW Toyota in the compact car segment . This year, 4 month 10 Japan , The Asian lion is officially listed , A total of 5 models , Price range: 14.28-17.98 Ten thousand yuan . aesthetic , The Asian lion's front face follows Carola's design , A large number of chrome plated decorations are used for decoration , Add a lot of delicacy . The inverted ladder middle net and the penetrating front surround are very close to the Asian Dragon , The whole is in line with Chinese Aesthetics .

The side design of Asian lion is simple 、 generous , and TNGA Low center of gravity design combined with its domineering front face , Create a forward dive visual effect . Body size , The length, width and height of Asian lions are 4720/1780/1435mm, The wheelbase is 2750mm. Compared with the competitor of the same level, Sagitar , The wheelbase is a little better .

The design of the Asian lion rear is clean , The tail lamp decoration throughout is the same as that of the Asian Dragon . The design of blackening inside the tail lamp , The visual effect is also good . Unfortunately, the exhaust adopts a hidden design , A little low-key .

The interior design of Asian lion is more moderate than the appearance , Very similar to Carola , Lacking some freshness . But the workmanship materials have maintained an excellent level , The upper and lower parts of the center console are wrapped with soft materials , In addition, the addition of chrome plated trim strip and piano baking paint material also improves the sense of refinement . configuration , Like the multi-function steering wheel 、 Keyless start 、 The electronic hand brake 、 Tire pressure monitoring 、 Full speed range adaptive cruise control 、 Four door windows, one button lifting, etc. are standard configuration of the whole system . Besides , Asian lion security configuration has also performed well , All standard 7 individual SRS Air sac 、TSS2.0 Toyota Zhixing safety system, etc .

Power system , The Asian lion is equipped with one 2.0L Four cylinder naturally aspirated engine , Double jet technology is applied , The thermal efficiency is as high as 40%, The compression ratio is as high as 13:1. Matched with it is a set of simulatable 10 Fast CVT transmission , The minimum comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 km of MIIT is 5.7L. in general , Asian lions, no matter their looks 、 To configure 、 Space does not lose speed , And it adopts a rare 2.0L Naturally aspirated engine , Be more stable , Later maintenance costs are also lower . So hold it 17 Ten thousand yuan , Asian lion is also a good choice .

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